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  • West Lothian


  • Celebrations, traditions and customs


  • Amateur


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 7372

Date: 1953

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 20.56 mins

Description: Footage of the various ceremonies involved in the annual Riding of the Marches festival in Linlithgow and Blackness.

Shotlist: [shot-listed from mini DV - manual control track]

title - Crying of Marches - posed group shots of Town Crier and other officials - street scene with crowds gathering - Town Crier and procession of children set off - group of children lead procession of Town Crier and officials along High Street - procession stops, Crier reads proclamation, then continues along street, followed by more adults and children (1.48) The Provost's Breakfast - int shots of men seated at long tables in hotel having meal (2.20) gv of Palace gateway and St. Michael's Church - shot of brass band leading procession up Kirkgate towards Palace, followed by Town Crier, flag bearers, Provost and town officials, men (3.21) posed group shots of town officials and local men in front of church - c/u shot of Provost and others (4.24) Greeting the Dyers' - procession of tradesmen led by flag bearer arrives at church and they are greeted by town officials - c/u shot of man - brass band leads procession down Kirkgate (5.23) Fencing of the Marches - ceremony in middle of High Street, Town Crier making proclamation in presence of town officials - officials march off along street - shots of procession along High Street with crowds watching - shot of 'Lochmill' paper mill float and women waving on top (6.19) Presentation of Johnston Trophy for the Best Dressed Vehicle - shots of official making speech and presenting silver trophy to man and young girl - shots of procession coming along street led by brass band, Rolls Royce limousines with 'Dyers of Linlithgow' signs on front, Boys' Brigade pipe band, reed band, Provost and town officials in horse-drawn carriages, officials in limousines and landaulets, military pipe band, Lochmill 'Long Live the Queen' float, 'Workshops' float and other decorated floats full of people, miniature 'Beattie's Bread' towing loaves, 'The Good Earth' float, 'Braehead Queen' float and others, 'Katie Wearie' float and others (10.52) At Linlithgow Bridge - gv on bridge - shots of Town Crier and officials assembled on bridge, surrounded by crowd, mostly men, some drinking - officials drink toast - another official makes speech - high shot of crowd - The Loving Cup - attendant holds silver Loving Cup as officials drink toast - another official, Deacon of Dyers? makes speech and is served a drink from Loving Cup - town official and Deacon drink straight from Loving Cup - Town Crier makes proclamation - piper plays and man and young girl perform impromptu Highland Fling - shot of young girls on swing (13.04) shots of Boys' Brigade pipe band marching along street - two young boys pose for camera in street - Entering Blackness - gv of church and River Forth and rail bridge in background - shots of officials in carriages coming down road followed by brass band, Town Crier and officials, Gala Queen and ladies-in-waiting, town officials and others, limousines - shots of Provost, Deacon, Gala Queen and other official laying wreaths at Blackness war memorial - shots of procession moving off down street - shot of war memorial (16.11) procession climbs up grassy bank - Installing the Baron Bailie - shots of officials and others assembled at Castle Hill?, Blackness for ceremony - c/u Town Crier making proclamation and Provost making speech - Baron Bailie is installed and makes speech - Town Crier makes proclamation and officials laugh - shots of officials leaving ceremony - posed group shots of participants (17.57) Return from Blackness - high shots of procession coming along High Street, officials waving from carriages and landaulets, followed by decorated floats - high shots of crowds and procession going round the Cross three times, including children on decorated bicycles (20.13) Marches end with Provost's thanks to Dyers' and public - shots of Provost and Deacon making speeches on steps of Town House (20.36) l/shots of Linlithgow Palace from across Peel Loch - THE END (20.56)