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  • Invernesshire


  • Agriculture
  • Home life
  • Leisure and recreation


  • Amateur
  • Home movies and videos


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 7359

Date: 1950c

Production company: Greig Film Unit, Inverkeithing

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.48 mins

Description: An amateur film demonstrating the attractions of Newtonmore and the surrounding area, including footage of the countryside, leisure activities, shinty, pony trekking and the local sawmill.

Shotlist: GREIG FILM UNIT PRESENTS - title - c/u sketch map of Newtonmore - Situated at 1,000 ft., Newtonmore offers many lovely walks and social amenities - gvs main street, Newtonmore, hotel with petrol pumps, cottages, shops, people with bicycles, horses and carts - brief shots new houses, lane, cottage, car and petrol pump - gvs River Spey, cattle at river bank - gvs farm - people in field with dog - gvs landscape and river, bridge in distance - gvs sheep and lambs (2.05) sign for tennis and bowling club - gvs men bowling, doubles tennis match - sign 'To The Golf Course' - gvs golf clubhouse, men and women playing on course (3.39) As well as sheeprearing the other main industry is TIMBER CUTTING - gvs in sawmill, cut timbers being stacked, new tree trunks unloaded from truck - new trunks being trimmed, cut into planks - gvs yard (4.38) FAMILY PROBLEMS are the same the world over - take, for example, -- the CALDER FAMILY -- - women attaching sun hood to pram - c/u baby's face - shots of man lying on sun lounger, pushing and pulling pram with rope, then pretending to sleep - c/u baby (5.35) SHINTY - on a bleak afternoon - - gvs game of shinty in progress - FINAL RESULT: - one broken thumb - three ambulance cases - Newtonmore is ideally situated ...... for organised PONY TREKKING - gvs young women gathering outside Balavil Arms Hotel and sitting on truck, horses in field behind - women unload saddles and receive instruction, mount horses and set off up hillside and through woodland - gvs pony trekkers stopped for picnic at loch-side, paddling and swimming - gvs pony trekkers returning down hillside on dull day, fording river, horses drinking - woman grooming horse - closing sequence of brief shots as before - THE END - ecs (9.48)