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Reference number: 7351

Date: 1936* - 1968*

Director: [attributed to James Anderson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 41.19 mins

Description: An assortment of film from a real transport enthusiast, James Anderson. Various car rallies and Hill Climbs (including Bo'ness, Donington and Ulster) are featured, as well as the Bennie Railplane, steam rollers, trains and test drives of the Anderson Special around Newton Mearns.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from speed corrected Digital Betacam tape, manual control track]

[BW. no title] c/u newspaper headline reading "Woman, driver escape from blazing 'Rolls'. "Bulletin photographer in car collision". "Spectacular smash near Newton Mearns" (0.15) gvs actual scenes featuring the aftermath of crash, including firemen. Anderson's tow truck pulls wreckage of car away (1.04) shots of wrecked car (1.16) the wreckage is towed into Anderson's yard (1.31) RAC TT Race Ulster 1936 gvs prior to race, drivers getting ready, posing for photographs (1.55) Drivers, including Robert Brunet, start off onto wet track (2.23) gvs race along streets, crowds look on (3.01) m/s men in crowd (3.14) brief shot race (3.21) shot of crowds, possibly Anderson (?) including RAC patrol men in uniform (3.29) cars and drivers come in, presumably the winner (4.07) crowds walking to / from trackside (4.12) c/u sign for 'TT Race Donington. Saturday 18th September' gvs around track, including empty spectator stands (4.22) gvs race, includes brief wide shot with Castle Donington in background (5.39) Shelsley Walsh Hill Climb gvs race, run by the Midland Automobile Club. View of a makeshift 'garage', gvs various vehicles attempting the climb, car nearly comes off the road but is ok (7.05) crowds spill out onto road after race has passed (7.13) Speed Hill Climb at BoNess May 1936 car starts race watched by crowds of onlookers. Gvs race in progress (8.07) crowd of men laying bets (8.12) Empire Exhibition, 1938, gvs cars demonstrating manoeuvres (9.04) c/u sign on Lochgair Hotel [possibly the Rest and Be Thankful Hill Climb?] "SSCC Check" gvs hillclimb on very muddy and rough rural hillside. Spectators look on (11.47) [col] gvs starting area at a car race, including cars, crowds and SSC officials, cars start off (13.55) [BW] street scenes, Canterbury including exts of Royal Fountain Hotel (14.16) shot of steam engine (?) 'The Invicta' made by George Stephenson (14.41) shot of the George Bennie railplane in action (15.48) people exit the railplane (16.08) further shot of the railplane engineering (16.24) c/u Automobile Association sign "Lynmouth narrow streets" gvs funicular railway going up and down hillside (16.56) [COL] man riding a 'Beeston Humber' motorised bicycle (17.40) man shovelling coal into 'Cavalier' traction engine 'Ayr County Council' written on side. Man polishing the engine. Driving it along road at Lugton. Filling engine with water from stream (20.01) c/u Stirling Moss talking - racing driver Mike Hawthorn signing autographs (20.17) men run to cars and start driving around track at Turnberry (21.29) lady performs prize-giving (22.14) gvs motorcar track race, one shot includes the 'Thin Wall Special' car, and crowds (23.11) final tweaks are made to cars prior to starting race Rest and Be Thankful Hill Climb, including the 'GN Spider' (26.41) Steam train Glen Douglas no. 256 chugging along, gvs steam trains in station. Views inside carriage pulling into derelict station, trainspotters all around. Views from moving trains. Passes through Calderpark station (30.19) exts Museum of Transport, ints with Glen Douglas on display, as well as Fort William. Beeston Humber motorised bicycle, tram, various (31.13) tram on road, ints 'reserved. Shots of moving along and ints, not sure of location though (32.21) busy streets at Cardwell Street, gvs last? tram 'Kelvinside Charing Cross' (34.14) go karting gvs (35.11) An 'Anderson Special' gvs same in yard. cleaning car, checking over (36.28) positioning camera on car (36.43) gvs driving along, as seen from position if moving car. more gvs fixing camera and further gvs as camera positioned behind and above, and in front! (38.59) two cars on rural road [unid. location and car model] (39.51) From Behind the Windscreen [speeded up film] as seen from driving car, roads in and around Newton Mearns, through Mearns Cross, Eaglesham, etc (41.19)