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Reference number: 7350

Date: c.1933

Director: [attributed to James Anderson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25:24

Description: A series of racing events held across country in Stirlingshire, Perthshire, Dunbartonshire and near Edinburgh by the Scottish Sporting Car Club. Enthusiasts rattle over uneven, stony country tracks, climb steep hills and test braking distances in experimental cars.

[Interior original can label 'Scottish Sporting car club... film taken by persons unknown. Shots of Robert and James in Anderson Specials.]

Shotlist: Mearns Bowling Green (0.02) brief shot of men playing bowls. (0.09) A glimpse of the Highland Two Days Trial (0.14) brief shot man in car (0.15) Edinburgh Trial. Sounding Burn Hill (0.17) shot of cars climbing a bend on a wooded hill [most stall, or fail to make it around the corner first time] (0.23) Aberfoyle Gymkhana (0.26) cars complete a short circuit. (1.15) ls cars lining up; woman runs to car and drives off; shots man doing same (1.53) "waterski" race; gvs cars pulling a man on sled around a short course (3.59) Autumn Half Day Dalpatrick Ford (4.01) gvs cars driving over uneven country track. gvs hill climb, large group of people give one car a push; c/u SSCC Souvenir badge (5.29) Anniversary Half-Day Run, October 1933. (5.33) gvs same, Lines of cars. Gv's of breaking tests. (6.37) Winter half-day trial. February 1934. (6.41) Gv' s of group meeting in a town. [Anderson 'Special' bears registration number HS 7141] (7.36) The Highland Two Days (7.45) Cars starting off from Kirkintilloch. Men wave from car (9.23) Cars driving on uneven, sloping dirt roads, occasionally a judge or small group of spectators is seen standing by a hedgerow. Places depicted: Colzium; Fornought; Tullymet (13.34) Hudson (13.37) ls cars drive uphill on a dirt track, covered in stones; spectators lie on the grass on either side (14.22) Sunday Morning at Oban (14.25) club members wait outside hotel, they play to the camera (15.39) Cambusleigh (15.41) brief shot of officials waiting at bend; gvs cars climbing hill (17.23) c/u signs "SSCC Check" "Hotel Portsonachan"; SSCC members wait by cars parked outside hotel, brief shot men signing register; cars starting out (18.08) Final test at the Khyber Pass (18.11) shots of cars starting hill, stopping briefly on a line marked on the slope before continuing (19.41) Edinburgh Half-Day. Start at Haddington (19.44) ls car at start line with race official and policeman, pan over line of cars, closer shots of individual models (20.27) Sounding Burn Hairpin and Hill (20.30) [slightly shaky] shots of cars turning hairpin bend (21.40) Costerton. (21.43) ls cars crossing a burn - in two cases, passenger stands to hold up the competition number for officials (23.01) close shots of car in difficulty helped over stream by officials and spectators; ls volunteers pushing car uphill, car rolling backwards into verge (23.57) gvs cars starting hill from a standstill at bottom; smoke rising from most (24.27) The Test at Humbie (24.29) Shots of cars testing brakes and climbing past spectators on Humbie hill (25.24)