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  • Renfrewshire


  • Transport


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 7342

Date: 1931*/1957*/1958*/1959*/1961*/1964*/1969*

Director: [attributed to James Anderson]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 35.47 mins

Description: Anderson's Garage on the Ayr Road, Newton Mearns during a period of change on the site and surrounding area. The film includes interiors of the showroom and shop, but most of it concentrates on exterior development and extension of the garage over the years (new forecourt, car yard, widening of Ayr, road, new pit for mechanics)

Shotlist: Part 1
[no title] [BW] exts Anderson's Garage, Ayr Road, Newton Mearns (0.12) a car on its side by side of road is hoisted right and towed (0.44) ints motor exhibition, including Anderson's of Newton Mearns stand, and 'Hillman Minx Magnificent' display, Hillman Hawk engine. Humber (1.46) [COL] sign "Anderson's of Newton Mearns, Rootes Group Vehicle Service"; exts Anderson's Garage (2.05) back yard area at garage, gvs digging work (2.36) c/u sign 'To Jubilee Display' and ints garage (2.46) ints from this Jubilee Display, including Humber Hawk Chassis, old wooden tool cabinet dating from when business was founded (3.30) c/u sign 'Monte-Carlo Rally. Our Minx has won the Concours de Confort (Class II) in the above strenuous event on two successive occasions. The 2000 mile journey was completed each time without any mechanical trouble and without a scratch on the car. The car displayed is being prepared for this years event' gvs same car (3.51) c/u sign 'Anderson Special No. 3. First used for competition work in 1939 as a four wheel drive cross country car. Fitted with flat 8 engine placed low down and well back for stability and good wheel grip. Pneumatic suspension. Winner of the Sleigh Quaich in the first event in which it was entered - March 1939. Runner up to Guy Warburton in 1939 Highland Three Days Trial against very keen competition. Fastest car in MG Knockout Clubs knockout Hillclimb, 1939. Barred from post war events by reason of the exclusion of FWD cars. Now in the course of being re-modelled for speed work, to be fitted with Grand Prix type ? "; gvs car, quite stripped down (4.09) shot of garage by night; ints showroom with historical milestones about the garage displayed on wall, cars on display etc (4.26) brief ints shop counter and customers (4.37) exts Anderson's Garage forecourt, man checking tyre pressure (5.03) c/u floral borders (5.17) ints workshop 'Scientific Diagnosis' area and car and car with bonnet up (5.53) petrol attendant filling up car on forecourt (6.07) car park in winter, to rear of garage (6.12) ints garage with man decorating showroom and shop for Christmas period (6.42) gvs car lot, man polishing car (7.02) gvs car lot, some construction or demolition work continuing nearby (8.02) digging work near garden, shot of garden with flowers / vegetables (9.03) tracking shots from moving car, approaching Mearns Cross travelling down Ayr Road, left turn into Anderson's Garage (9.15) clearing ground with diggers (9.36) back yard of garage, cars in snow (9.53) ints workshop with a few cars - one of which is stationed at the 'Engine Tune Up' bay (10.08) gvs new garage under construction, temporary showroom exteriors, posters advertising 'The new fully automatic Hillman Easidrive' (14.14) sign on back of truck carrying a new car bound for the show room: 'Another new Rootes car by Rail for Andersons of Newton Mearns' Further gvs showroom including work on roof, earth moving, drilling and laying concrete, building brick walls and foundations for petrol tanks, piepes laid, resurfacing work [construction workers are Drysdale of Glasgow] (18.02) 487ft

Part 2
gvs completed filling station, petrol pumps in forecourt (0.21) construction work on road outside garage, general digging, pipe laying, brick walls being built (2.30) tiling wall at front entrance (2.37) ints empty showroom (2.47) ints showroom now full of cars (3.14) gvs outdoor yard, new cars arriving on back of truck, brick chimney in view (3.34) ints garage, cars raised up high, young apprentices at work, older man at work at desk [Dugald Allan?] (4.00) back yard, cars lined up (4.17) exts Andersons Garage and road in the snow (4.31) exts garage, with box labelled 'From Linwood to You. Made in Scotland Do Not open before May 3rd' - presumably a new model of car? and display of same in front of garage (5.25) ints showroom, with new Hillman Imp on display, boards explaining engine workings (5.52) gvs exterior garage and car park. Shot looking in front window at a Hillman Imp advertisement(6.20) ints Hillman Imp promotional stand 'Hillman Imp - A Rootes Product' (6.27) exts Anderson's Garage as seen from road opposite, with construction work almost finished (7.04) ints showroom, shot of the shop with products on display (7.22) gvs garage grounds, cars lined up (7.38) cars being delivered on truck (8.04) exts yard (8.32) ints showroom and more detailed shots of shop and products - seems to decorated for Christmas Season (9.06) exts garage by night, the petrol pumps are all lit up (9.25) [dark] ints shop and products(9.55) Construction work on a new mechanics pit - general earth moving. The men put in wooden sleepers to form a makeshift 'ramp' for the caterpiller digger to get out of the pit once it has been dug; gvs concrete and brick work to finish (14.39) gvs demolition of building near the garage [police station?]; levelling ground (15.34) gvs new automatic car wash in operation (16.00) gvs around garage, now with the new Mearns Shopping Centre visible. Derelict housing, new traffic lights at Mearns Cross, towards the end of the sequence there are gvs demolition of nearby housing (17.45) 479ft