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  • Ayrshire
  • Banff


  • Fish and fishing
  • Military
  • Water and waterways


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 7200

Date: 1964

Director: [filmed by J. D. Souter]

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 32.58 mins

Description: Amateur footage of fishing boats in various harbours, including Burghead, Lossiemouth, Ayr, Girvan, Aberdeen, Stonehaven, Gourdon, Fraserburgh and Buckie. Also includes family footage at RAF Lossiemouth air display, Ballachulish ferry and crossing the Forth.

Souter home movies made whilst a deck hand on 'Strathyre' INS65 and ‘Faithful' INS38, based at Lossiemouth, and other general fishing boats 1960s/70s.

Shotlist: gvs Burghead harbour, fishing boats departing, including BF.300 Mint, PD.269 Watchful, BCK.142 (1.51) INS.65 Strathyre coming down slipway at Lossiemouth harbour - family footage in garden, small boy and toddler (3.23) air display at RAF Lossiemouth (HMS Fulmar): gvs hangar, crowds, fire appliances - two jets taking off - light aircraft taxiing - Auster Aiglet G-APLG - shots of jets in fly-past - Auster taxis away as another aircraft lands - l/shots jet in flight - l/s hangar (5.58) gvs landscape - shots of Ballachulich ferry leaving slipway - two ferries passing - ferry approaches slipway - tracking shots from car on ferry - shots of Isle of Man ferry 'Mona's Isle' at Ayr harbour , departing (8.38) gsv at Girvan harbour, including BA.128 Girl Maureen and other boats, funfair in background - gvs of boats, including BA.155 Aliped VIII, BA.234 Aliped IX - gvs harbour with people walking around, boats including Annabelle BA.115 - gvs funfair and view to Ailsa Craig - fishing boats entering harbour including BA.327 Incentive II, BA.73 Erica, BA.62 Silver Chord, yacht - gvs boats in harbour, including B.1 Brightmony (11.17) gvs of Forth rail bridge and ferry from Queensferry - gvs Forth road bridge - gvs rail bridge from ferry - tracking shots from ferry of road bridge and other ferry passing, pontoons for bridge construction in background - shots of rail bridge, passing Inchgarvie (13.29) gvs at Aberdeen harbour, including A.84 Loch Kildonan, LK.377 Sceptre, Isco IV cod liver oil barge, A.289 Seaward Quest, steam trawler A.421 Star of Orkney, A.481 Dalewood, A.478 Ebenezer, A.45 Sir William Hardy, German stern trawler Eisbär, first Irish stern trawler 'Clearwater', Bibby family's yacht 'Pilgrim'(16.07) shots of gulls fighting for food in garden, other small birds - young man mowing back lawn wearing Cuban heel boots (18.09) gvs Pluscarden Abbey, Souter family on a visit (18.59) gvs at Stonehaven harbour: yacht passing, fishing boats in harbour including A.370 Trustful III - gvs harbour and boats entering, including Superb A.611, A.730 Easter Rose, FR.270 Grateful - high shots of Stonehaven harbour and town - brief shot of Souter family in Austin 1100 car (22.05) gvs at Gourdon harbour, including ME.101 Day Dawn - pan across harbour and boats - c/u gull - gvs harbour and catch unloaded - gvs Souter family around harbour (24.06) gvs Aberdeen harbour, including A.669 Mount Royal, c/u crest 'DSIR' on A.45 Sir William Hardy, A.455 Coastal Empress, Aberdeen Venturer A.488, Ben Arthur A.742, KY.327 Brighter Hope - boat being built on slipway - harbour gvs, including FR.197 Strachans, trawler H.301 Northella under construction at Hall Russell yard, ferry St. Columba, large cargo vessel, Polish trawlers (25.46) gvs Fraserburgh harbour, including A.204 Vigilance, FR.965 Rotche, FR.197 Strachans (26.41) gvs at Lossiemouth harbour: unloading coal from cargo ship Elwick Bay, fishing boats including INS.89 Girl Freda, INS.228 Garland, INS.289 Mistletoe, INS.177 Rosemount, INS.11 Enterprising, INS.51 Polaris, INS.94 Rosebloom - shots from boat departing from Lossiemouth, passing other boats, gvs of town with St James' Church spire, demolished in 1960s (30.48) gvs Cluny harbour, Buckie, including 'Girl Mary', BCK.103, motor yacht entering, motor yacht 'Spey Dream', yacht departing - animated Guy Fawkes sequence the end (32.58)