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Reference number: 7195

Date: 2006

Director: d. Pratibha Parmar

Producer: [line Angela Murray]

Production company: [ Kali Films / S2S Films]

Sound: sound

Certificate: PG

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 120.00 mins

Description: Nina Shah is a feisty young woman who left home under a cloud after a row with her father. After his sudden death, Nina returns to the family owned Indian restaurant. Her return brings her face to face with many surprises - her father's gambling debts, potent friendships from her childhood, Bollywood spectacle all blended with romance and laughter. With courage and enormous vitality Nina battles to win back the family business, with the Best of the West curry competition... and finds the divine taste of love in this spicy, mouth-watering, feel-good comedy.

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Credits: [Suman Shah Veena Sood
Kary Shah Atta Yaqub
Priya Shah Zoe Henretty
Sanjay Khanna Raji James
Auntie Mamie Elaine C. Smith]
Auntie Tumi Rita Wolf
Janice Kathleen McDermott
TV Presenter Kulvinder Ghir
Young Nina Hritika Thaker
Bollywood Bowl Child

Shotlist: NINA'S HEAVENLY DELIGHTS (PG) is a surprising love story where Scottish humour meets Bollywood spectacle! It follows the mixed fortunes of a Glaswegian family, THE SHAHS and their award winning Indian restaurant, THE NEW TAJ.

The story is told through the eyes of NINA SHAH, a young Scottish Asian woman engaged in her own highly personal identity crisis. NINA had left home under a cloud after a row with her father but when he dies suddenly, Nina is forced to return.  Her return reunites her with her childhood friend Bobbi, a wannabe Bollywood drag queen and brings her face to face with Lisa, a charismatic young woman who now owns half the restaurant.

Then Nina discovers her father’s secret – The New Taj has been selected for The Best of the West Curry Competition. In the turbulent days that follow, Nina (helped by Lisa) embarks on a personal mission to win the trophy for the third time. But Nina's feelings are thrown into turmoil when she realises that she is falling in love.

Can her feelings ever be reciprocated? And, if they are, what will this mean for Nina and her family.

[synopsis from official website at, last accessed 15/3/2007]