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Reference number: 7152

Date: c.1968*

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: Non-Fiction

Running time: 16.08 mins

Description: General views of the operations of Harrott & Co., Aberdeen. The processes of the factory from the arrival of the yarn to the dispatch of finished items. Showing each stage of manufacture for woollen clothing.

Harrott & Co Ltd, 50 Rose St, Aberdeen. Harrott & Co became a limited company in 1912 with local directors. They manufactured woollen gloves, boys hose and boys school pullovers. The gloves were fingered on hand operated machines. The girls were on piecework. During WWII they made Khaki gloves for the Forces. After WWII they made, as well as gloves, hose ladies and Gents fancy design pullovers. They were the largest company in the UK producing gloves. Goods were sent all over the world. The factory was demolished by fire on 15th September 1977.

Shotlist: gv's of children's woollen pullovers; (0.08) title (0.12) At Harrott & Co. Ltd., Rose Street, Aberdeen; (0.18) ints factory worker folding woollen pullovers of various colours and sizes; (0.52) exts Harrot & Co. Ltd, Glove and Knitwear Manufacturers building, (1.10) gv's of building, Atlas Express lorry and unloading yarns into the factory; (1.29) gv's of female workers preparing yarns and using large equipment, manual and automatic knitting machines being used; (6.31) material being cut to a pattern for tank-tops (7.27) gv's of sewing room mostly female workers (7.53) c/u of female employee at work with a sewing machine; (9.25) c/u of employee stitching labels to garments (10.28) intricate work creating roll necks for pullovers; (11.30) sewing buttons and holes; (12.25) finished pullovers prepared and pressed, quality control checks on garments, packing and preparation for sale; (15.32) finished and packed articles loaded into the lorry on Rose street; (16.08) The End