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Reference number: 7086

Date: 1957

Sponsor: Christian Aid

Production company: Birch Hill Film Production

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Running time: 28.30 mins

Description: Introduced by Judi Dench, this film describes the work of Christian Aid across the globe.

Credits: p. Dudley Birch
ph. Paul Marwaha, Douglas Hill
p. adviser Lisa Conway
Christian Aid wishes to thank Miss Judi Dench for her assistance in this production
A Christian Aid film

Shotlist: opening credits and title (0.13) exts Houses of Parliament and the Thames, London (0.21) view of Edinburgh Castle and Royal Mile as seen from Princes Street Gardens (0.27) exts unid. castle and moat (possibly in Wales?) (0.36) brief Irish landscape (0.39) various street scenes in England (0.53) Judi Dench to camera, explaining why Christian Aid needs money to help the poor of the world (1.11) gvs poor countries, malnutrition, water, housing, etc, hoping that Christian Aid can provide a decent standard of living to all and a chance to live in dignity and peace (2.00) [out of sync] Judi Dench again, talking (2.15) ints Christian Aid offices showing admin work (2.45) c/u advertising leaflets posters etc and shot of advertising campaign meeting (3.21) education and information material, a lady loading up film projector (3.31) ints postal office (3.44) rural country scene, a Christian Aid worker takes the bus (4.06) another man runs to catch the train but just misses it (4.14) another man takes the car, shots of secretary tidying up paperwork in office (4.32) ints church, soup and rolls, volunteers get together (4.55) gvs Christian Aid parade along busy street with floats and music, educational workshop, young people, children helping, ints church fundraiser, tug of war, collecting on streets, football match (7.14) Judi Dench explaining some of the ideas for fundraising (7.35) gvs poor countries, people tending animals, families, agricultural (8.22) talking head, on how Christian Aid working more on development, usually the local church getting the ball rolling (8.45) gvs building project. exts and ints 'Offices of the Caribbean Conference of Churches' (9.54) gvs field, people discussing project (10.18) ints offices, Hong Kong, various ints meetings about finance and general administration 'British Council of Churches - Africa - Supplementary Allocations' (11.01) ints Development man talking about a failed scheme to introduce dairy farming to a settlement scheme in East Africa. Fresian cattle bought in the traditional method of doing things took over and some of the cattle died. Discusses Ghana, Kenya, Zambia, Tanzania, Asia, Burma, Thailand, Indonesia, Korea, Latin America (13.21) national and international politics blocking progress. Judi Dench to camera. 'There is only one criteria - need' (13.45) poor housing shanty towns gvs Caribbean and Sri Lanka beach scenes coconut and tea fields, workers hard at work, medical help, children's education, agricultural scheme (16.40) children with developmental disability find a home, carpentry and metalwork, farm (17.41) drawing fresh water from the well and gvs agricultural work sowing seed, feeding chickens etc 'remaking human beings' (18.46) missionary school near Colombo, the children pick chillies int science class exts church of the West Indies (20.22) exts oil, harbour for export, gvs organisations and factories "SERVOL" job share, volunteers (22.53) banana plantations, women at work, small factories using banana leaves making twine (23.56) Harlem Bakery, Port of Spain ints, the workers own and manage the bakery themselves (26.29) [blank, but there is sound] (26.34) Judy Dench to camera talking about creating a just international society, the right to a full existence (27.00) children at work picking chillies in the field, people in boats, classroom, agricultural scenes etc, montage (28.00) [blank, no sound] (28.06) ecs (28.30)

[sound stops at 27.24 mins]