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  • Arts and crafts
  • Celebrations, traditions and customs


  • McConnell, Edward ‘Eddie’


  • 1970s

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Title: PINE TREE, the

Reference number: 6901

Date: 1974c

Director: d. Eddie McConnell with his assistant Mike Coulter

Production company: IFA (Scotland) Limited and presented in association with Jan Marsden

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 23.14 mins

Description: Based on a story by Hans Christian Andersen, this film is told from the perspective of a pine tree as it experiences the journey of life. Growing from a small seedling to a great tree in the forest, it is eventually decorated as a Christmas tree, before being thrown in the garden shed and being burned in a fire - which the tree sees as its 'Blaze of Glory'. Winter and growing seasons are described. Commentary written by Liz Lochhead.

Credits: from a story by Hans Christian Andersen
unit m. Iain Smith
sd. rec. Cyril Sinclair, Louis Kramer
location adviser Peter McMillan
comm. w. Liz Lochead
spoken by Mary Riggans

ph. Eddie McConnell with his assistant Mike Coulter
With grateful thanks to the Forestry Commission at Achray Forest

Shotlist: [Please note - shotlisted at different speed - actual timing is 23.14mins @25fps]

title and opening credits (0.29) view over forested hillside, some children play in the snow (1.02) c/u tiny pine tree, pan across larger trees in forest (1.34) c/u robin redbreast, bugs, insects (1.45) children and their dog walk by, commenting on how beautiful the tree is (2.36) view over snowy forest, broadening out to show a wide panorama. Shot of snowy road at dusk (4.02) river in full flow - the tree is growing bigger now it is Spring (4.41) gvs as trees are cut by chainsaw, logs loaded onto lorry (5.36) ints timber trunks are cut by machine saw. A wooden boat is handcrafted (5.55) flowing river, green trees and snowy scenes (6.34) winter landscapes, c/u frosted branches and flower heads (6.55) man cutting various small trees by hand using a chainsaw in the snow (8.03) c/u birds, including Robin. gvs George Square at Christmas - tim, including huge tree decorated with lights (9.02) ints Christmas tree in front room of a home (9.14) river, scenes in Spring (9.46) gvs rainfall in the forest. Montage of scenes through the seasons, [accompanied by Vivaldi's 'Four Seasons' on soundtrack] (10.41) truck in snow, men choose the cut the pine tree (12.09) the tree is dragged away (12.26) gvs people pick their specimen and squeeze into the back of cars and trucks (13.32) view from tree's perspective inside the car. Tracking shots city, including Charing Cross, Woodlands Road (14.28) ints front room where children decorate the tree - it is beautifully adorned with glitter and baubles (16.08) children's party, the kids manhandle the tree ion their excitement (17.01) children enjoy their tea. The tree looks on thinking forlornly 'This is my Big Day' (17.21) shot of Christmas cards on sideboard, the lughts go out and the tree is alone. Shots of various neighbouring trees in front rooms and gvs street lights (19.07) women clear up Christmas cards, the tree is stripped of decoration, moved out of the room and into the shed. Shot of tree now spindly and bare (20.58) shot of huge tree against the sunny sky, growing in the wild (21.18) gvs boys playing ball in tenement back lane. Ints tree in shed (21.50) man comes into shed, takes the old tree out and dumps it in a fire. Shot of boys playing ball. The boys take the star and run away with it (23.44) shot of star against black background, ecs overlaid (24.12)