A drunk man in George Square sees his possible fate in the form of a tramp sitting on a neighbouring bench. (clip)

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Reference number: 6899

Date: 1957

Director: d. Laurence Henson and Edward McConnell

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 7.49 mins

Description: A drunken man staggers around Glasgow's Royal Exchange Square and George Square on a beautiful sunlit morning. He seems to be troubled by the drunken events that led him here... Seeing a destitute man sitting near him on a bench, he picks himself up and wanders away.

BROKEN IMAGES was entered in the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1957, where it took prize for Best Sound. Featured in Amateur Cine World's Ten Best films of 1957.

Credits: with Philip McCall
[sc., ph. & ed. Laurence Henson & Edward McConnell]

Shotlist: title and credit (0.44) brief shot looking down completely deserted Glasgow City Centre street - possibly Buchanan Street? (0.52) shot looking from Royal Exchange Square towards Buchanan Street. A drunk man staggers along under the archway (1.17) and along past the back steps of Royal Bank of Scotland exts. - backing onto Royal Exchange Square; gvs same (1.38) he collapses on the steps (1.54) further c/u of his face [soundtrack is of background noise, voices, possibly in a pub] (2.17) shot looking along the steps, this time to the other side and the exterior of London & Lancashire Insurance Co. A beer bottle sits on the steps in the foreground (2.31) shot from George Square, looking down towards Royal Exchange Square - the street is very empty (2.45) looking up at various statues in George Square (2.50) and statue of Lord Clyde, panning slowly down to show the man sitting slumped against it. [soundtrack of pub voices and general noise] The man takes out a cigarette and starts to smoke; he moves to check his watch but realises with horror that it has gone (3.50) a small cat runs along the flower bed towards the pigeons in the square (3.58) man rummages through pockets as if he has lost his wallet (?) He gets up and walks off (4.17) shot of cat playing under a bench (4.24) man walks unsteadily towards lion statue on war memorial (4.40) c/u feet, sound is of the pub noise and general voices again (4.44) shot looking over towards Queen Street Station; exts. of white building, cherry blossom trees in the Square. The man stumbles towards lion statue (4.51) he looks up at statue very drunkenly. c/u of the lion's face against the sunlight (5.13) c/u footsteps as he makes his way to bench where he decides to sit down again (5.28) gvs agile cat playing (5.33) shot of man sitting and looking over at next bench where there is a destitute man sitting; brief shot cat sniffing empty beer bottle (6.43) he gets up and walks slowly past the older man, tries to give him a penny but he shakes his head with an emphatic 'no'. He walks off (7.17) busier street and traffic now, looking towards Post Office building (?) (7.40) The End (7.49)