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  • Education
  • Food and drink
  • Science and technology


  • Documentary


  • 1980s

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Reference number: 6840

Date: 1980c

Sponsor: British Sugar Bureau

Production company: Edinburgh Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.01 mins

Description: Overview of the various methods by which man and plants absorb sugars for energy. Frequent use of illustrative techniques such as time lapse photography slow motion shots and animation.

See also ref. 5766 for some shared footage.

Credits: scientific advisors Professor Ian MacDonald, Professor A.J. Vlitos

Shotlist: Title, bi-plane passes camera (0.12) tracking shot from bi-plane intercut with shots of speed skater in red suit on snow. Bi-plane loops the loop (1.19) man refuelling bi-plane, skater drinking coffee (1.28) snowy landscape, sunrise (1.40) ext. solar house (1.52) pan plants, c/u roots and leaves, animation of photosynthesis process (2.41) pan plants (2.57) time lapse photography of plant growth (3.09) pan forest (3.24) sunset (3.30) animation of process as 'space invader' game on computer screen (3.50) time lapse growth (4.10) mushrooms on tree (4.18) slow motion insects collecting nectar, bees (4.41) experiment with bee in harness intercut with shot of man in electric hanglider (5.43) camel eating, cyclist (6.00) pan school canteen (6.20) animation of absorption of nutrients in foodstuffs (7.37) teenagers dancing at disco (8.06) man chopping logs (8.13) woman at desk (8.18) elderly women walking (8.25) animation of absorption into body and then plant cells (8.55) rabbit on grass, squirrel, sheep, plants in forest, illustration (9.18) overhead shot four man canoe, tracking shot from canoe (10.04) various carbohydrate foodstuffs (10.33) sugar beet in field being harvested by tractor (10.54) sugarcane in field being set alight before harvest (11.17) Silver Spoon sugar production line, Tate & Lyle sugar production line (10.27) gvs in laboratories (10.49) pan field of sugar cane (10.54) colliery (12.01) Buddah statue at sunset, crystal, time lapse of flowers blooming intercut with cat jumping, dog running, hummingbird at flower (12.56) canoe passes in slow motion (13.05) gvs flowers in bloom (13.16) slow motion shots of skier jumping, female gymnast, chick hatching in reverse all intercut with time lapse of flowers blooming (14.14) ecs (14.23) blank (14.35) Photosynthesis (14.42) animation of process as featured earlier in film (15.29) blank (15.36) Carbohydrate Metabolism (15.41) animation of process as featured earlier in film (17.01)