Fancy dress pageant along Princes Street - firemen, etc. Van is unloaded of all collection cans - these are emptied and money counted inside the British Linen Bank. (clip)

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  • Edinburgh


  • Amateur
  • Documentary


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 6831

Date: 1949 - 1950

Director: filmed by Freddie Gelder, John O. Russell, Ron Beresford, Lionel Butler

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.49 mins

Description: Experience Edinburgh University's Student Charities Week drive in 1949 and 1950. Includes footage of door to door collections, variety performance in 'Varsity Vanities of 1949', Torchlight Procession and pageant with floats and fancy dress in Princes Street. [see also ref. 6856]

Credits: The Students of Edinburgh present A RATTLING GOOD TIME showing their charities week drive in 1949 and 1950.
made by Freddie Gelder, John G. Russell, Ron Beresford, Lionel Butler
p. Adam Malcolm

Shotlist: title sequence, showing Edinburgh University's Charities Week Headquarters (1.19) c/u pamphlets and posters advertising "Edinburgh University Charities Week 7th - 14th May in aid of British Empire Cancer Research Fund, Lady Provost's Fund (City Charities), University Settlement" (1.28) gvs as students, some in fancy dress perform door to door collections (2.00) students disembark bus at Bathgate, gvs as they stop members of the public, young and old, encouraging donations, distributing flyers and papers, carrying out further door to door collections (2.56) actors and orchestra participate in 'Varsity Vanities of 1949' (3.12) brief shot box office where tickets are bought and audience arrives (3.24) ints dressing room where young ladies put on apply make up and brush hair (3.33) elevated shot of young ladies on stage performing 'can can' dance, their costume includes mortar boards (3.41) very brief shot member of audience reading programme (3.42) gvs variety show, including song, dance and drama (5.42) shot of papier mache puppet near doorway (5.59) people leaving the theatre, gvs party afterwards where people drink and laugh (6.50) ints piano, showing hammers, and man playing (7.03) gvs buffet, shots of students eating cream cakes (7.33) [very dark, underexposed] people dancing (7.42) sweeping up the empty bottles and debris after the party (8.01) gvs as the Torchlight Procession of 1949 starts announced by trumpet fanfare and departing from Edinburgh Castle (9.28) brief shot of speech (the Mound?), fireworks and including a man watching the fireworks display sitting perched in a tree, smoking (10.04) procession assembles (10.17) traditional Scottish Country Dancing outside the Palace of Holyrood House (?) (10.37) Fete with judo, schoolchildren watch, and procession fancy dress pageant along Princes Street (12.26) van is unloaded of all collection cans - these are emptied and money counted (13.05) gvs students in fancy dress collecting money for Charities Day on Princes Street (13.31) drinking and socialising, band performing, cleaning a bus, floats (15.05) Church of Scotland Offices, fancy dress students come running out (15.13) floats of Princes Street (15.38) The End (15.49)