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  • Edinburgh


  • Educational


  • Scottish Educational Film Association (SEFA)


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 6830

Date: 1954c

Sponsor: [ Scottish Film Council]

Production company: [ SEFA (Edinburgh Group)]

Sound: silent

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.16 mins

Description: The weaving of a tartan and making of a kilt.

Credits: Scottish Educational Film Association. We thank most deeply the following firms:
Kemp Blair & Co. Ltd for scouring and dyeing
Laidlaw & Fairgrieve Ltd for spinning
Botany Mill Weaving Co. Ltd. for cheese winding
Lochcarron Hand Loom Weavers Ltd. for weaving
D. A. Ferguson Ltd. for Tailoring
Scottish Educational Film Association Edinburgh Branch. An SEFA Production
ph. L. A. Butler
p. Adam H. Malcolm

Shotlist: credits (0.49) gvs pipe band at a stadium (0.59) gvs students at Edinburgh University Highland Society (1.24) a student orders his kilt from Ferguson's the tailors, Edinburgh (1.54) The order for a kilt is placed with the tailor order is written out (2.21) gvs Lochcarron handloom weavers, Ross-shire (2.27) ...but his weaver find himself short of green yarn. It is ordered... where a weaver orders yarn (3.23) ... to be spun from crossbred wool ... gvs Laidlaw & Fairgrieve's spinning factory, Galashiels (3.44) The wool must be scoured in soapy water to remove grease and dirt ... gvs wool being washed (4.26) ... then dried. gvs drying process (4.47) ... it is then combed to lie in a uniform layer, and gathered into a sliver ... gvs wool combed (5.28) ...which is then condensed, ready for spinning into yarn. gvs wool spun into yarn (6.42) when spun, the yarn is wound from the cops into hanks, ready for dyeing and dyed (7.16) when dry, the green hanks are wound into cheeses, ready for the weaver to warp onto his warpmill ... gvs same (7.46) ... which is unwound onto the beam of the loom ... gvs same (8.06) and passed through the headles to the cloth beam, now the weaver can begin work. gvs yarn woven at hand loom (9.36) after the piece of tartan has been woven, it is examined for faults and checked for faults (9.58) ... darned, if need be, washed, and sent off to the tailor ... gvs same (10.30) ... whose kiltmaker soon builds the seven yard length into a kilt gvs tailor making cloth into a kilt (14.28) ... which is fitted, and borne off by its proud owner. (14.48) gvs owner wearing his new kilt (15.02) The End credits (15.16)