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  • Dundee


  • Royalty


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  • 1950s

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Reference number: 6787

Date: [between 1932 and 1957]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16.22 mins

Description: A compilation of civic events and street scenes in Dundee from the 1930s to the 1950s, including Armistice Day, a visit by Princess Elizabeth, city lights and the Town House being prepared for demolition.

The Adam Town House (aka "The Pillars") was demolished to clear the way for the City Square in the 1930s amidst huge public (and government) opposition. Note the supporting cross timber struts for demolition have already been put in the arches on the west end of The Pillars.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

[BW] title over still images of city (0.37) street scene (0.47) The Old Steeple - Let's go up (0.57) shot of steeple and gvs from top of surrounding streets, shots of traffic on Nethergate? [horse drawn carts, trams] and mercat cross (2.18) shot of ferry approaching pier (2.30) shot from above of railway line and yards, Tay and bridge in background (3.12) shot of Tay through oval window (3.18) gvs of surrounding buildings from above (3.34) gvs of Albert Institute and Robert Burns statue (3.56) street scenes, Meadowside St. Paul's Church and Green's Playhouse (4.52) [COL] Baxter Park, Dundee (4.58) gv of park in bloom (5.10) [BW] Night Lights Dundee (5.14) [COL] montage of illuminated signs at night, including Green's Playhouse, Val D'Or Restaurant, Grants Furnishing, La Scala, Claude Alexander (5.56) [BW] - Dundee Town House (6.03) street scenes, taxi rank on left - sign 'to City Arcade and Market', H. Samuel shop on corner (6.37) shots of workman climbing a series of ladders up Adam Town House spire for repair work; pan down from spire to crowd watching below (7.26) pan up spire with scaffolding (8.16) looking along High Street to Clydesdale Bank, pan R to Town House (8.31) shots under piazza, 'pillars' of Town House, and more shots of building with part of spire removed (9.16) brief int. shot, Town House? stairs (9.29) shots of street from above, H. Samuel's corner (9.44) gvs from above, St. Paul's church spire, rooftops (10.08) c/u shots of workmen on scaffolding, winching up stone blocks (10.17) wide shots of Town House with spire and scaffolding from behind [Note: supporting cross timber struts for demolition have already been put in the arches on the west end of The Pillars] (10.50) The first visit of Princess Elizabeth to Dundee 28th Sept. 1946 - The arrival at the City Chambers. HRH is welcomed by the Lord Provost, Sir Garnet Wilson LL.D and Lady Wilson. (11.18) shots of royal car arriving, Princess Elizabeth greeted, crowds cheering (12.03) The Opening of Camperdown Park. - The History of Camperdown Park is related by the Lord Provost. (12.20) wide shot of platform party, Provost speaking - Princess speaking (12.56) The Princess declares the Park OPEN. (13.02) crowds applauding (13.14) The Presentation to the Princess of a silver inkstand, a replica of the Camperdown Bell. (13.24) wide shot of platform party, c/u shot of Provost and Princess (13.38) Armistice Day - Dundee 1936 (13.46) c/u shot inscription on war memorial - shots of poppy sellers in street, c/u poppy on lapel (14.03) ls crowds gathering in street for service (14.43) c/u shot of cannon firing, moment's silence for crowd and civic officials, cannon fires again (14.59) ls and c/u shots of bugler playing (15.26) wide shot of Dundee Law war memorial, c/u shots of wreaths laid (15.59) shots of ferry leaving pier - The End (16.22)