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  • Dunbartonshire


  • Sporting activities


  • Amateur


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 6772

Date: 1960c

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 34.01 mins

Description: The construction of a new Clubhouse for Loch Lomond Motor Club. The film records the marking of foundations, brickbuilding, construction of the roof timbers, and finishing the walls. The final section shows the opening celebration dance.

See also ref. 6773

Shotlist: [no title] [rather underexposed at start] men walk across field, observing the land. They inspect map. One man jumps over a high stone wall (0.38) man bangs a wooden stake into the ground. Using a measuring tape, they mark out the foundations. At one point, the men fool about, one man pretending to hit another man's hand, they have to 'bandage him up' (to much hilarity!) (2.43) now the boundaries are marked out, the men turn the soil over and mark out the edges using light coloured sand. One man uses a trig point to work out wall height accurately (3.57) man digs trench for foundations, gvs building site (4.32) c/u 'Trumix' cement mixer. Cement is poured into foundation trenches (6.23) brick building starts (6.52) timber arrives and is added to the building foundation work, now progressing to thigh height. The men enjoy a cup of tea and a young boy comes to visit them (8.55) [slightly underexposed] bricks are built higher and higher. Loading the cement mixer with sand. c/u brick wall with spaces for windows now formed (9.57) timber roof frames are constructed and nailed into position. The men enjoy a game of cards but their 'gaffer' gets them back to work (10.52) gvs construction of wooden roof frame using hammers and nails. A couple of women help out briefly (14.25) brief shot surrounding residential housing. Laying of roof timbers (16.38) laying slate roof tiles (17.30) man mixing cement by hand [speeded up footage] gvs construction work (18.32) gutter piping is fixed to building, pipes are positioned into the ground (for water / waste?), window frames are fitted, cement is mixed by hand (21.15) plastering / cementing over the brick exterior walls and roughcasting by throwing stones onto this base (24.56) fixing in doors and windows, painting these (26.13) general cleaning up, polishing windows, finishing the entrance steps. c/u sign 'Loch Lomond Motor Cycle Club - Strictly Private', brief shot as a woman brushes her hair in mirror (29.29) fluorescent lighting is taken indoors, windows are cleaned both inside and outside (29.59) ints stags head for the wall, maps and pictures hung on wall, further exts (30.52) ints Opening Party inside Clubhouse. Gvs accordion band, singing, traditional Scottish Country dancing, people gather around to look at photographs of club activities and people in days gone by, modern dancing 'The Twist', gvs Auld Lang Syne as people link hands and sing (34.01)