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Reference number: 6753

Date: 1963*

Production company: Gosford Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.27 mins

Description: Building of a wooden fishing boat. The draftsman is seen working on the plans, then slowly we see the men in the yard building the vessel up from the keel. Finally the boat is launched and taken out to sea.

Winner of Amateur Cine World Ten Best Competition Gold Star Award.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS, manual control track]

Amateur Cine World Ten Best Competition Gold Star Award (0.05) Gosford Films Present shot of intertitle in thistle-shaped logo (0.09) Title (0.16) gvs man drafting plans of a boat at a flat desk, with a model ship [classical organ music, badly warped] v/o reads first lines of the poem "The Building of the Ship" by Henry Wadsworth Longfellow (1.28) gvs man building dowelling frame on timber, then sketching an outline in thick pencil while overseen by older man (1.58) two men cut down tree using chainsaw (2.28) v/o 7th stanza of The Building of the Ship; gvs men working with skeleton of the boat's hull, sanding and preparing elements of the timber frame, then building the boat from the keel (4.11) v/o continues with 9th stanza, planing wood, building the walls of the hull, treating the inside of the hull to preserve the wood, (with tar?), includes gvs men using adzes, men shaping wooden planks to bend their shape to fit the hull (5.12) gvs men drilling holes into the hull , and then hammering in rivets, gvs men caulking the joins between planks (6.21) gvs men building the deck, and waterproofing it (8.07) gvs Men metal working, including soldering and drilling (8.31) Treating the deck with sealant (8.46) ints man chiselling wood (8.56) gvs heavy sections of the boat are craned into position including the engine (the crane has been hired from Bernard Hunter of Leith) (11.58) gvs men prepare boat for painting, includes shot of hull being sanded; gvs men paint the boat; (12.19) gvs boat is prepared for launch; launch of boat (12.51) Boat travels to harbour, includes brief shot other boats and c/u boat's name: "MARYEARED" (13.31) gvs Boat is prepared and goes out to sea; gvs on boat; v/o continues with the final lines of the poem (15.22) Gosford Films Production (15.27)