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  • Scottish Amateur Film Festival (SAFF)


  • 1970s

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Title: FLEE MARKET, the

Reference number: 6752

Date: 1972

Director: d. James Hickie

Production company: Gosford Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.14 mins

Description: A group of children climb over a wall into a bric-a-brac yard and play with the things they find. They play at being on a bus, in an office, in a hospital, and at a dinner party. The children are first seen playing with the old dishes and chairs they find, but the camera then takes the viewer into the children's imagination and we see them doing the same things on a real bus, in an real office etc. In the end the owner of the lot comes back and chases them out of his yard.

Prize winner at the 1972 Scottish Amateur Film Festival.

See also SCAN Website Catalogue for records of paper archive file: GB2120/SSA 8/113. Contains recordings of interviews of Scottish filmmakers, including James Hickie.

Credits: with Elizabeth Burns, Ann Hodgson, Kathleen Burns, Anne Stirling, Gordon Burns, Andrew Stirling, Alex Hodgson, Sam Burns
p. team STIRLING, Irene, STIRLING, Elizabeth, TAYLOR, Earl
p. ass. Irene Stirling, Elizabeth Stirling, Earl Taylor
sd. Douglas Dalgleish
ph. Gordon Hickie
end credits
THE MAKERS OF THIS FILM ARE INDEBTED TO Wiles Motor Services Ltd. Sir David Ogilvie and Cockenzie and Port Seton Town Council. Sam Burns and Co. Campbell Harper Films Ltd.
A Gosford Films Production

Shotlist: Title and opening credits (0.30) gvs of yard filled with machinery and furniture including c/u of "Singer" sewing machine (1.12) Shot of red-haired boy looking over stone wall intercut with pan of yard (1.32) gvs the children look up as the first boy goes over the wall and climbs down (1.58) gvs the rest of the children follow him, helping each other in, includes shots of using a slide (2.32) gvs the children look around for things to play with in the yard intercut with shot of red-haired child looking at the yard gate (3.15) gvs children use seats and wheels from the yard to pretend to ride a bus includes shots of children pretending to be a conductor, a driver, a mother putting her pram into the back (4.33) gvs same children on a Wiles bus, dressed as adults in same roles played in the yard, includes brief shot of child apparently driving and conductor removing pram from the back of the bus (5.26) gvs children play at working in an office in the yard, includes shots of child pretending to be a tea lady, and red haired boy playing boss, dictating to a child playing a secretary (6.38) children dressed as adults in same roles, in a real office (7.11) gvs children play at being in a hospital, includes shots children pretending to inject, listen through a stethoscope, use a bedpan (9.04) gvs children play same roles, in a real hospital includes shots of a "visit" (10.26) gvs Children set a table and pretend to serve and eat, intercut with shot of a car pulling up, and a man getting out and entering the yard; includes partly oov shot of sign "Samuel Burns & Co General Merchants and Second Hand Dealers Prestonpans 378" (12.40) ints children dressed as adults in same roles, in a portrait lined room; includes shots of boys apparently smoking cigars (13.38) Shot of man running towards the children with a stick (13.41) gvs the children running off (13.54) ecs (14.14)