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  • Environment, the
  • Ships and shipping


  • Amateur
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  • 1960s

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Title: SEA AND SHIPS, the

Reference number: 6743

Date: 1960

Director: filmed by Robert H Paterson

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.40 mins

Description: A family holiday around Firth of Clyde and beyond on various boats. Includes a trip to Belfast and a trip 'Doon The Watter' on the Waverley. [Lively 'rhumba' music throughout and voiceover].

Digitisation funded by British Film Institute 'Unlocking Film Heritage', awarding funds from the National Lottery.

Shotlist: Title and credit over shot of ship (0.14) gvs various craft on river, including steamers, trawlers, yachts (0.49) small trawler 'Saxon' in dry dock (0.55) gvs paddle steamer in open sea, catamaran, rowing boat (1.08) paddle steamer 'Talisman' departing (1.18) elevated view Largs (1.24) front at Largs (1.28) eight members of Paterson family and acquaintances arm in arm outside Castle Hotel (1.36) adults on putting green (1.48) people boarding small yacht on small slipway, gvs in water (2.13) small catamaran launched from slipway (2.34) another catamaran launched (2.41) small red speedboat in water (2.53) view Millport from pier (3.08) gvs Millport (3.13) Millport beach (3.32) children with donkey (3.38) speedboat with water-skier (4.10) gvs people on rocks and small slipway. Small craft (4.31) crazy golf (4.57) mother and two daughters sitting on grass by crazy golf (5.07) view from boat as it casts off from pier (5.18) steamer in water, arriving at pier. Sign Fairlie, Keppel Pier, Lochranza, Campbeltown (5.36) lots of people boarding steamer (5.42) steamer 'Duchess of Hamilton' departs (5.51) Canada bound 'Empress of Britain' in distance, Isle of Arran in distance (6.06) gvs people on board (6.12) approach to Lochranza pier (6.31) people disembark onto busy pier, buses await in distance (6.44) view from boat of Campbeltown pier (6.55) sandy beach at Macrihanish (7.01) choppy waters at Rothesay, view of other craft from boat (7.24) view of Rothesay from a distance (7.32) gvs Rothesay town and harbour area (8.01) other craft in bay (8.08) jumbo draughts (8.18) small speedboat at small pier (8.26) more gvs harbour area (8.32) small children playing in water, gulls in water and small dog in bag (8.48) passengers boarding large vessel 'Irish Coast'. Gvs as it leaves Ardrossan (9.10) gvs passengers feeding seagulls (9.32) coast of Ireland in distance (9.45) Blackhead lighthouse (9.50) Whitehead in distance (9.57) Belfast skyline. Gvs docks, large ships, tugs (10.30) view from 'Irish Coast' as it docks (10.35) gvs buildings in Belfast (10.43) 1947 built paddle steamer 'Waverley' approaches (10.56) depart Largs pier, tracking shot from Waverley (11.14) approach to Keppel Pier, Millport. Gvs Firth of Clyde, buildings and houses on shore. Other craft on water(12.40) crowds of people on Dunoon pier (12.51) 'Arran' steamer docked and then takes off (13.10) gvs water (13.27) approach to Largs (13.37) The End (13.40)