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  • Ayrshire


  • Agriculture
  • Architecture and buildings
  • Celebrations, traditions and customs
  • Leisure and recreation
  • Tourism and travel
  • Transport


  • Amateur


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 6741

Date: 1937* / 1938

Director: filmed by Robert H. Paterson

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.55 mins

Description: General views of Ayrshire in the late 1930s - Ayr, Largs, Prestwick, farming, sheep shearing, and the site of wreckage from a train crash.

Entered in the Scottish Amateur Film Festival of 1941.

Credits: A Paterson Production

Shotlist: [Kodak safety film leader] (0.00) credits and title (0.19) Ayrshire County of Romance (0.22) ruins of Dunure castle, sea in background (0.26) Industry (0.27) large smoking chimneys (0.30) Agriculture (0.32) horse drawn plough (0.39) Fishing (0.40) trawlers in harbour (0.45) Let us first look at Ayr with its 'Twa Brigs', ancient and mode[r]n buildings, wide streets and fine beach (0.53) viaduct bridge over river, town in b/ground. Other viaduct bridge, buses cross over (1.25) swans (1.31) sign 'Kirk Port Ayr Old Church 1654 A.D.' (1.33) ext. church (1.41) ext. Tam O'Shanter Inn (1.46) ext. another church and gvs other buildings in the town (2.15) various busy street scenes (2.44) busy beach (2.55) children being helped over vaulting horse (3.07) donkey rides (3.14) people in boats in boating pond (3.21) go-karts (3.30) ext. large building in park, people walking past (3.36) The harbour and docks are always a place of interest (3.41) trawlers in harbour, including the 'Margaret Netherly - Granton' (3.49) large steamer comes into harbour, flying bunting. Gvs docked boats (4.42) Burns Cottage, Alloway's Auld Haunted Kirk and the Brigs o' Doon (4.48) ext. Burns cottage, woman walks past (5.05) Alloway kirk graveyard (5.14) two viaduct bridges over River Doon (5.22) ornate raised circular plinth with stone colums, large house (5.36) viaduct bridge (5.45) Now let us tour the Shire, you can do this by road or Rail (5.50) car on road (5.55) steam engine (6.01) Dunure Castle and the old fishing harbour (6.04) ruins of Dunure castle, sea in b/ground (6.12) gvs trawlers in small harbour (6.32) Kennedy's Pass south of Girvan & a picnic near Lendalfoot (6.36) cars on coastal road (6.55) woman eating sandwich on rocks, picnic (7.12) couple walking along beach (7.22) sea on rocks (8.18) RAC sign 'Ballantrae' (8.20) children in rowing boat on shore (8.27) The naked truth at Ballantrae (8.29) children in water, wee boy with no clothes on. Sea on rocks, mother and child (8.58) Clipping sheep near Straiton in South Ayrshire. Clipping, marking, rolling and parking the wool (9.06) sheep in pen then gvs as above by lots of men (10.28) It's an itchy job, this clipping (10.33) dog scratching (10.42) more gvs as before (11.05) Now going north from Ayr, the fine bathing lake at Prestwick (11.11) ext. pool entrance (11.20) int. pool, large crowd watch boys racing and diving (12.07) Largs, the popular North Ayrshire resort (12.13) Largs from afar (12.21) busy beach, people in water. Busy boat passes in f/ground, town in b/ground. Small speedboat in bay (13.02) large, busy steamer approaches harbour and docks (13.19) Finally, on our way from Largs we passed through Saltcoats where a serious accident had just taken place (13.23) aftermath of train crash, engine and carriages off track and badly damaged. Crane at site (13.52) The End (13.55)