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Reference number: 6715

Date: 1936c

Director: filmed by James S Nairn & James Atterson

Sponsor: The Scottish Motor Traction Company Limited, 45 Princes St, EDINBURGH

Production company: An SMT Way Film

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.48 mins

Description: A bus tour of the Trossachs to promote the Scottish Motor Traction Company Ltd. The film uses stanzas from Sir Walter Scott's poem 'The Lady of the Lake' to help illustrate the attractions of the area.

See also ref. 2746 for earlier incarnation of this film.

Credits: produced and ph. by James S. Nairn & James Atterson

Shotlist: title and credits (0.37) An SMT Way Tour of that romantic region ... immortalised by Sir Walter Scott in his 'The Lady of the Lake' (0.52) The Stag had ever drunk his fill. Where danced the moon on Monan's Rill, And deep his midnight lair had made, In lone Glenartney's hazel shade (1.03) gvs same, landscape shot with tumbling burn (1.22) And stretching forward free & far, Sought the wild heaths of Uam-Var gvs woodland dappled in the sunshine, a bus passes on road through the trees (2.01) ... Broad extended far beneath, The varied realms of fair Menteith view of Lake of Menteith, c/u rushes growing by lakeside (2.18) He wandered o'er mountain and meadow, moss and moor. And ponder'r refuge from his toil, by far Lochard or Aberfoyle gvs scenics in that area, one shot shows the 'SMT Trossachs' bus driving along road (3.27) - Nearer was the copse wood grey, that waved and wept on Loch Achray. gvs Loch Achray (3.47) the bus drives alongside (4.04) "Rose Ben Ledi's Ridge In Air" superimposed over still of same (4.08) "The Flooded Teith" gvs river tumbling in full spate (4.20) The Lake of Vennachar superimposed over still of same (4.27) bus driving over bridge "When the Brig O' Turk was won" (4.34) the bus drives over the bridge (4.49) Where twined the path in shadow hid, Round many a rocky pyramid gvs as bus wends its way up hairpin bends, shot of same from top of hill (Duke's Pass?) (5.49) Both nature scatter'd free and wild. Each plant or flower, the mountain's child gvs scenery and wildlife, including sheep grazing, thistles, river with swans, water lilies (7.08) exts hotel on Loch Vennachar, further gvs lake Highland cow (7.40) bus driving through country roads (8.01) With boughs that quaked at every breath, Grey birch and aspen wept beneath shots of trees (8.14) One burnish'd sheet of living gold, Loch Katrine lay beneath him roll'd gvs Loch Katrine (8.45) Ellen's Isle view of same from different angles (9.09) And islands that, empurpled bright, floated amid the livelier light elevated views islands on the Loch (9.25) O'er dale and hill the summons flew exts whitewahed farm cottages and outbuildings (9.43) Ben Ledi saw the cross of fire, it glanced like lightening up Strathire sceneics, same area. Shot of bus making its way along road (10.05) - The foam splash'd high, With hoarser swell the stream raced by brief shot bus driving along road "The Falls of Leny" gvs same (10.49) Till on the heath, Where Lubnaig's Lake supplies the Teith. shot of bus driving alongside the Lake of Menteith, gvs Lake (11.12) The signal roused to martial coil, The sullen margin of Loch Voil, Waked still Loch Doine, and to the source, Alarm'd, Balvaig, thy swampy course scenics and panorama, same (11.46) shot of a lone wooden boat tied up at side of Loch (11.49) a man scythes the overgrown grass / rushes at lochside by hand (11.53) looking down over landscape, at two lochs (12.02) Forth launch'd along the plain shot of SMT bus driving along, followed by a few cars on the road. Scenics (12.26) They rise, the banner'd towers of Doune, They sink in distant woodland soon gvs ruined castle and well, Doune (12.57) And soon the bulwark of the north, Grey Stirling, with her towers and town, Upon their swift career look'd down views of Stirling Castle and town (often sillhoutted against the sky) (13.35) Why not yourself travel Scotland's Roads of Romance the SMT Way? ecs (13.48)