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Reference number: 6699

Date: 1976, June 4 - 7

Director: d. Barrie Hinchcliffe

Sponsor: Esso

Production company: A United Motion Pictures Production

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 39.04 mins

Description: Film sponsored by Esso following the Scottish International Rally. The rally begins in Ayrshire and takes in the Highlands. Interviews with various drivers at the roadside and after each stage is completed.

Credits: cam. Keith Taylor, David Peat
sd. Paul Vigars, John Hayes
dub.mix. Alan Abel
2nd unit d. Alan Ross

Shotlist: c/u road sign 'Royal Burgh of Ayr 1202', pan down to street scene, Esso garage (0.09) Ayr racecourse, horses, pull back to see people and rally cars (0.32) 'Tote Credit' starting post, gvs people on foot, in cars, mechanics, bookies, various views cars preparing (1.30) talking heads [Roger Clark, Tony Pond, John Taylor, Tony Drummond, Ari Vatanen, Russell Brookes, Brian Culcheth] about forest racing, night driving and the Scottish rally in general. Jim Porter talking from car window [he was Roger Clark's co-driver] (4.30) title (4.41) piper, crowd, Roger Clark's Mark II Ford Escort, at start, it is cheered away. Gvs other cars departing include TR7, Opel Kadet (6.01) cars round corner at high speed and cross bridge (8.15) David Thomson's stalled Escort, Vatanen speeds past in lead. Car is pushed to attempted restart, adjustment of suspension, David Thomson talking to camera at side of road about bumpy track (9.07) mechanic talking about TR7, member of DT's team talking (10.20) Brookes' car passes, dented from rolling, gvs other cars passing. Andy Dawson in Datsun now in 5th place , Tony Fall in 4th place in Opal Kadett (11.24) talking head Roger Clark in car (11.48) man in white polo neck talking to camera about his car with broken windscreen, plastic one refitted (12.09) bear pacing in field by fence, it stands to look at noise from nearby rally course on day 2, stage 12 at Cameron Loch Lomond wildlife park, gvs cars racing (13.23) aerial footage of highland scenery, focus upon Roger Clark's Escort in forest. Shot of helicopter above car as it passes crowd lined hairpin bends (15.09) aerial footage as Brookes' car follows up the 'Rest and be Thankful' (15.36) Vatanen's car off the road (16.04) Will Sparrow's car passes (16.29) Mick Jones, Ford's Service Chief, in action, on Vatanen's car (17.38) Tony Drummond in Escort, makes mistake at hairpin (17.52) Ford mechanics in action intercut with footage more cars. Mick Jones stops another team car trying to trace required part (19.28) drivers Tony Fall, Vatanen talking, the latter has to stop racing as his car cannot be repaired (20.16) Toyota car comes off at hairpin (20.36) Opel service chief Robin Turvey talking, Tony Fall talking (21.01) Ford Escort comes off at hairpin. Search for part from 3 litre Ford Capri, passer by's car stopped and asked if the team could use part from his car (22.35) Competition manager Peter Ashcroft supervising work, map reading at roadside (24.03) mechanics at work transplanting part (24.32) car taking hairpin bend, mechanics finish work, driver Vatanen prepares to rejoin race, filling with petrol from jerry can, car departs (26.28) passerby told to book his car into dealer for new axle and send bill on (23.45) Roger Clark's car at Inveraray Castle stage, Brookes' car passes, gvs other cars (28.00) tracking shot from car of battered Mini and Tony Fall's bashed Opel (28.26) Tony Fall talking in pub (28.33) two leading female drivers, Jill Robinson and co-driver Pauline Gullick cleaning their Mark I Escort (29.00) talking head Pat Ryan, gvs cars on track (29.41) Day three, Brookes in lead, Clark in 3rd place. Pentti Airikkalla in 2nd place (30.09) two cars with punctures pass, gvs other cars (30.43) talking head Peter Ashcroft intercut with footage of Roger Clark's car (31.10) talking head Brookes (31.39) Peter Ashcroft and Mick Jones (31.58) Brookes (32.07) highland scenery, pull back to take in Brookes approaching car followed by Clark's (32.50) Pentti Airikkalla's car (33.18) Airikkalla talking at beginning of night-time stage (33.42) gvs night racing, past small yellow Esso sign (34.35) daytime again (34.58) Brookes, Clark pulls up at stop (35.46) Brookes' car on last stage followed by Roger Clark then Andy Dawson in 3rd place, Pentti Airikkalla in 4th, Paul Faulkner in 5th, Chris Sclater in 6th, Tony Drummond in Esso car - in 7th place (37.31) Brookes arrives at finishing line, talking head in car (38.00) piper leads winning car through applause (38.07) ecs over celebrations (39.04)