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Reference number: 6469

Date: 1939

Director: [filmed by members of the Edinburgh Cine Society]

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.41 mins

Description: Amateur newsreel featuring general views of various events in Spring 1939.

Shotlist: [shotlist timed from speed corrected tape, manual control track]

[no credits] Gvs Portobello pool, boys on raft, people sitting in sun at pool-side, from above (1.47) Newspaper sign 'French warships in the Forth'. Sailors in front of stores and ferry terminal at Queensferry docks. Gvs warships (3.26) Just another smash in Queensferry road. Damaged car beside bus with which it collided. Onlookers. C/u damage at front of car (4.16) Territorial parade. 3000 take part in impressive March Past. Gvs various military vehicles, Territorial Army soldiers marching. Gvs crowd. Brass band leads parade. Soldiers. Pipe band. Female TA in uniform marching (7.29) May 1939 The Duchess of Gloucester opens the new extension of the (Royal) Infirmary. Duchess approaches in rain, man holding umbrella. She performs ceremony under cover (8.16) Large line of traffic approaching roundabout for Empire Air day at Turnhouse airport. Sign with prices Adults 1', Children 3d, no cameras allowed. Parked cars. Tracking shot of large crowds (9.25) Bo'ness Hill Climb, small racing cars in the countryside. interior car, without its chassis (10.30) Our Day of Remembrance. Sign 'Grand Pageant Saturday 27th May 'Give and give freely". Sign 'As voluntary guardian of national well-being we rely upon you for 'Collective Security". Boy's Brigade play fanfare; Pipe band, crowd, vintage cars, participants in fancy dress (11.41)