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Reference number: 6452

Date: 1984c

Director: p. & d. Stephen Symes

Production company: Abbey Film Unit

Sound: sound

Original format: super 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 25.53 mins

Description: Drama about a young couple who adopt a baby after losing their own and the strain which this places on their relationship.

Credits: Moviemaker Ten Best Competition Gold Star Award.
Laura Eperjesi, Andy Fear with Louise Donald, Georgina Duncan
all music written by Abbey Road Films.
cam. S.Symes
live sd. D.Chandler
lighting J.Ilett
ed. S.Symes
sd. mixer J.Ilett
music written by J.Ilett
performed by B.Gossage
We wishto thank -
M & A Lumley, R & A Duncan, Cheltenham General Hospital, R.J. Ford, P Shaw

Shotlist: credits and title – young couple Laura and Andy preparing nursery in their house, Laura is pregnant again after losing a first baby, Andy hangs up an umbrella mobile – Laura reminiscing over photograph album – she drops book in pain and shouts for Andy (2.30) at maternity clinic, Andy is told the baby has not survived, he breaks the news to Laura (3.42) the baby’s funeral, and Laura sitting despondent in the house – Andy brings her flowers, but she is reminded by a passing pram (5.07) Laura’s 21st birthday – she opens cards and tells Andy she wants to adopt a baby, Andy refuses (8.08) adoption officials visit house – Laura gets phone call to say there is a little girl for them to adopt – they go to meet her (10.24) Andy daydreaming at work, tells his secretary Louise that he finds it hard to relate to the new baby – Andy returns home and is angry at Laura for not preparing his tea, they argue (13.00) Laura and the baby girl spend time playing in the park – Andy confides his troubles to Louise at work, then goes to the pub – Laura crying at home as Andy returns late and drunk from the pub – they swap insults and Laura slaps him (17.05) Andy wakes on the settee in the morning and leaves the house – at work, he asks his secretary out for dinner – Laura wears her new birthday dress from Andy and prepares a candle-lit meal as a reconciliation and sits and waits for him – at work, Andy starts drinking whisky – Laura watches the clock and finally blows out the candle – Andy returns the next morning and leaves again (23.10) adoption officials arrive to take baby girl away – voiceover explains that baby is being taken away pending Andy and Laura’s divorce proceedings – Laura sits in nursery looking at umbrella mobile and it starts to rain outside – The End – ecs (25.53)