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Reference number: 6368

Date: 1935*/1936*

Director: filmed by Mr H D Cassels

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.25 mins

Description: This was the first commissioned publicity film for Rothesay, recording the many attractions of the area. Includes footage of the Winter Gardens and putting green, Gala Day events, Ettrick Bay and Port Bannatyne, Historical re-enactments at Rothesay Castle and Rothesay Highland Games, among many others.

Shotlist: View from Rothesay promenade as paddle steamer approaches (0.11) The town and bay. (0.15) elevated view paddle steamer, pan across rooftops of Rothesay town looking out to sea (0.21) elevated view promenade (0.27) tram, people, pan promenade and out to sea where a large white yacht is (0.47) winter gardens, 3 funnel steamer in b/ground (0.56) promenade, various gvs town (1.16) pan front from boat as it approaches pier (1.33) children looking over harbour edge (1.39) bustling harbour (1.51) The winter gardens and putting green. (1.54) 2 women on putting green (2.05) White wings (2.08) white yacht, other smaller yachts (2.32) people walking along promenade, many with prams (2.43) The bathing station. Gala day. Some races and competitors (2.49) ext. outdoor pool (3.13) crowd watch people dive into sea, various races (3.41) women in bathing costume, one feigns shock (3.43) pan seated crowd (3.50) gvs diving, canoes (4.10) They're off! (4.13) model boat race (4.21) crowded beach, people in water (4.40) children playing in water and sand (4.52) Luxury excursion steamers offer beautiful and varied cruises daily (4.58) gvs steamers (5.08) The Island has an interesting history: a ring of Druid stones. (5.14) small haystacks in countryside, druid stones (5.26) man walking with cows past white cottage (5.28) church (5.32) Ettrick Bay - swimming and pleasure beach (5.36) model railway, sign on small shed 'book here for railway and midget golf' (5.44) pan beach, children paddling, on donkeys (6.04) Port Bannatyne (6.07) pan village and harbour (6.16) The prehistoric Scots built a fort of fused stone. (6.20) pan landscape (6.32) The first Christian church was built by St.Blane. a disciple of St. Patrick in the eighth century (6.41) ruins of church, surrounding landscape (7.19) Rothesay castle dates from the tenth century (7.23) gvs castle, some parts in ruin (8.18) Suddenly the castle comes to life, as the citizens of Rothesay re-enact its history (8.25) re-enactment in costume (8.48) In the eleventh century, the Vikings came across the drawbridge to set fire to the castle. (8.55) re-enactment in costume (9.08) Here on the "Bloody Stairs" a young Scotch princess killed herself when attacked by a Viking chief. (9.14) e-enactment in costume (9.56) Marjorie Bruce in 1325 was given in marriage by her father Robert Bruce to Walter the Steward of Scotland. This couple founded the Stuart line of Kings. (10.07) re-enactment in costume (10.3) In this old chapel Robert III and his wife granted a charter to the town of Rothesay. (10.44) chapel ruins, re-enactment in costume (11.28) crowded street, Gala day parade (11.52) Modern buildings are of historic interest. the old academy is now a free public high school. (12.01) ext. academy (12.05) Rothesay holds annual Highland Games. (12.08) gvs dancing (12.17) The farmers enter their sheep dogs every year in sheep dog trials, from which a winner is selected for the Scotland national championship. (12.29) gvs trials (12.37) Each dog has fifteen minutes to drive four sheep around the course. (12.44) gvs (12.52) He has to separate a marked sheep from the other three. (12.59) gvs (13.04) His last requirement is to get the sheep into a pen near the audience. (13.12) gvs (13.35) A popular walk around Loch Fad to Kean's cottage, passing Barone hill and the meadows. (13.45) gvs same (14.55) Fore!! On the municipal golf course. (14.59) gvs men playing golf (15.23) The End (15.25)