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Reference number: 6229

Date: 1951

Director: d. Margaret Tait

Sound: mute

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 33.03 mins

Description: "Carlo and Rafaella are going to Rome for the first time. They have specially planned a journey they must make so that they can have a whole day together alone".. . so starts this film following the (mis)fortunes of these two young lovers. [Presumably made when Margaret Tait was a student at the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematographia, Rome]

There may be a soundtrack for this film (?) as yet undiscovered.

See also Additional Information file at 11/1/455. Paper Archives 4/5/119, 4/11/651, 4/5/92.

The Tait papers are deposited in Orkney Archives. Currently being catalogued. For any enquiries please contact Principal Archivist.

The British Artist's Film and Video Study Collection at based at Central St. Martin's College of Art and Design holds an artist's file on Margaret Tait.

The British Film Institute National Library holds many of the published articles on her and her work.

In 1979 Margaret Tait was the subject of a BBC Scotland 'Spectrum' arts programme.

Credits: [cast] Raffaella Carlo, Carmen Papio, Sergio Rusconi

w. and d. Margaret Tait
ass. d. Fernando Birri
cameraman Peter Hollander

[1. Claudia Donzelli 2. Saulat Rahman 3. Fernando Birri]

Shotlist: [shotlisted from VHS dubbed from DV0080]

(0:00:40:14) title, credits (1:18) Carlo and Rafaella are going to Rome for the first time. They have specially planned a journey they must make so that they can have a whole day together alone gvs train station, train pulls in to station with sign on it reading 'Ancona Roma via Pessara C. Sulmona' they check their baggage in (2.40) exts station front they step out together into square, they board a very crowded bus and are separated by accident - the girl travelling to Rome on her own (4.11) girl alights bus in Rome and stands around at bus stop waiting in vain for boy (6.05) she decides to take a walk, passing a fountain, newsagent stand and back to bus stop - she thinks she sees him but is mistaken (6.50) she explores streets and sights including dolls shop window, ruins and statues of Ancient Rome, she picks wildflower and decorates her bag with it (15.00) she wanders further, eventually stopping to rest at foot of marble column (17.12) cut to boy sitting moodily at pavement cafe, smoking (17.48) cut to girl, street scenes and wandering shots, she sits down to eat sandwich but is not hungry and falls asleep, resumes walking, people pass by in the street and she is unaware they are admiring her (21.51) cut to boy, he looks at fresh flower stall (22.55) cut to girl at fountain, she throws her little flower into water, c/u flowers in water, further wandering shots through streets including passing bus station, she arrives at park and takes her shoes off, running and skipping on the grass (30.16) cut to boy sitting on wall, his feet dangling, he chats to two young boys and another man [presumably telling them of his woes?] (31.00) cut to girl leaning over wall overlooking street, the boy looks up and immediately recognises her - they run and embrace, walking together happily, final shot being street scenes at bus station (33.18) ecs (33.36)