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  • 1960s

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Reference number: 6072

Date: 1963*/1964*

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Running time: 41.20 mins

Description: General views of the Brown Brothers factory, Edinburgh and the opening ceremony of the modernisation of the factory, unveiled y Lady Denny. Shots of the modernisations work - moving images and stills from a booklet detailing the modernisation with before and after shots. General views of fire damage done to the factory and the cleaning up and rebuilding work. [film is in three distinct parts]

Shotlist: [shotlisted from Production Library Access Master]

(00.00) BOBS DINNER 1963 exts Brown Bros & Co. Engineers. A bus leaves the works and drives to quiet residential street where man is picked up. Various other people are gathered together (01.32) at Sleigh Drive, another man is picked up and the bus drives along quiet streets back to Brown Brothers Works [one of these men, is presumably 'Bob', and the event they are going to his retiral dinner](01.51) gvs dinner, speeches are listened to. The men are seated at tables with white tablecloths and decorated with flowers. They applaude appreciatively once speech is finished (02.44) the entertainment arrives - a man plays violin accompanied by a lady on piano. A man sings and the audience sing along (03.21) younger women sit in a row, listening (03.32) brief shot men singing (03.40) another speech, Bob laughs along and the men around him crack jokes and smile with appreciation (03.57)

(03.58) BROWN BROTHERS CO. LTD. ROSEBANK IRONWORKS, EDINBURGH ints Brown Brothers Works, crowds of workers on factory floor. They look on as Lady Denny makes her way along red carpet and on to platform in the Maintenance Workshops area. Speeches are made (05.26) Lady Denny makes a brief announcement and then unveils a plaque that reads 'This plaque was unveiled by Lady Denny on 24th October 1963 to mark the completion of the modernisation of Rosebank Ironworks' (05.46) further speeches are made, the camera pans across a sea of workers standing and listening to those on the platform (06.25) [jump cut] Lady Denny and the others leave the platform and walk out of the workshop, passing workers on the way (06.54) c/u brochure reading 'Brown Brothers & Company Limited. Completion of Modernisation 24th October 1963 Souvenir Brochure' detailing aerial views of works BEFORE and AFTER modernisation, stills of drawing office, data processing department, followed by actual footage inside the data processing dept. including c/u of some early computing equipment c/u IBM 'Electronic Calculating Pouch' the man removes a 'slate' with wires etc. and inserts into computing machine (09.19) punched cards are processed by machine and gathered by man (10.04) another huge slate of wires is inserted into machine, sheets of data print outs are produced on an IBM accounting machine (11.20) ladies at desks typing data processing, possibly from the punched cards (11.39) New light machine department [stills of same in b&w then actual footage] looking over the factory floor man operating machinery smoking gvs newly machined bits of metal (13.56) The erecting shop (main bay) [b&w still and actual footage same] people taking a tour of this. gvs welders at work (15.50) The modernised main machine shop [b&w still, actual footage same] aerial elevated views same various huge metal structures being machined c/u controls for machines drilling (operator only wearing glasses!) planing machine in action creating a beautiful round cylinder (18.37) Light fitting shop and X Ray department [b&w still and actual footage same] including huge 'Avery' weighing machine and tensioning until it breaks (piece of metal) (21.01) THE END (21.09)

(21.10) brief shot fire engine outside Brown Brothers. gvs overlooking fire gutted Brown Brothers Works, detailing the extent of the damage. There is a graveyard clearly visible behind the works (22.16) ints as firemen wade through flooded area, gvs general debris and view across entire damaged factory floor and destroyed roof. gvs damage surveyed including offices (25.24) men help clear up , check over machinery. More gvs as people mop up and then further gvs damage. some men weld free dangerous 'hanging' bits of metal roofing. gvs damage (29.29) gvs rebuilding the roof frame in the main machine shop / factory floor scaffolding is everywhere (29.55) ints drawing office and trying to salvage drawings etc that have been in drawers that were in the fire - plastic sheeting everywhere. gvs men attempting to dry out drawings (30.48) exts and wooden frames of buildings are being constructed . Roof beam is put in place and then another view of buildings with roofs on them ints empty wooden huts (32.45) East Claremont Street and exts office of the 'Battalion Headquarters The Royal Scots' - presumably a temporary base for Brown Brothers during the clean up operation (33.01) ints office of same where the office work has been relocated (33.33) gvs Brown Brothers site again, and cleared area undergoing rebuilding work heavy digger, men moving debris etc. [We do not see it fully rebuilt, however] (41.00) THE END (41.20)