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  • stirlingshire


  • Architecture and buildings
  • Education
  • Fish and fishing
  • Media, communication and the creative industries
  • Sporting activities
  • Water and waterways


  • Documentary
  • Educational


  • 1970s

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Title: UNIVERSITY OF stirling, the

Reference number: 6067

Date: 1973*

Production company: Eidos Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 18.28 mins

Description: Account, presented by first Principal Tom Cottrell, of the foundation and activities of the University of stirling.

Credits: comm.s. Bill Paterson

Shotlist: title, overlaid stirling University campus (0.28) autumnal scenes on campus, a couple of students take a walk in the peaceful natural surroundings (1.01) stirling's first Principal Tom Cottrell to camera, explaining the philosophy behind stirling University, its innovative approach, flexibility, the beautiful site for the campus, the importance of arts education and quality of research and teaching (2.22) exts building, students enter (2.41) ints tutorial debating whether works of art can be considered to be physical objects (3.34) c/u exts building, the soundtrack features lectures on different subjects (4.13) ints lecture room, a lecturer makes his points to the students - politics (?) (5.12) students walking along glass covered corridor (5.28) ints library, includes shot of card index drawers and study areas, librarian Robin Davis as well as view outdoors (7.04) exts Airthrey Castle (7.14) now a drama centre, ints students rehearsing play (8.18) gvs campus layout and facilities, including man walking up stairs, meeting a fellow student, some students sitting on bright red chairs on balcony area (9.09) MacRobert Arts Centre box office (9.27) campus shop window with books displayed (9.43) [commentary points out the unique attractions of stirling University - including the combination of studies with teaching diploma, semesters, continuous assessment] exts campus, the bridge over Loch (10.12) c/u fish in tank, Professor Fred Holliday [Halliday?] and gvs work of the Aquatic Pathobiology Unit, including post mortem on trout (10.57) c/u glass jars containing chemicals, gvs scientific equipment and experiments, finishes with shot of scientist blowing into tube using mouth (11.43) shot of Loch Rannoch, gvs yachting and sailing boats (13.09) exts Rannoch Outdoor Centre, belonging to University (13.19) gvs canoeing and boating (14.13) gsv Loch and landscape [commentary features Norman MacCaig reading poetry](14.55) shot of MacCaig, a member of the teaching staff, and his students sitting on lawn on campus reading poetry (15.43) canoes are carried ashore, gvs landscape and loch, exts campus buildings (16.48) ints library where student packs her books up and passes through exit turnstile (17.13) gvs graduation ceremony [stills] and action as graduate students file past wearing gowns and again, as they walk along glass covered corridor (17.52) brass band play on campus, gvs graduation garden party, a male student poses for photograph (18.15) ecs (18.28)