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Reference number: 6044

Date: 1934

Production company: ( Fox Photos ?)

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 10.56 mins

Description: Cine magazine feature on the launching of the liner "Queen Mary" from John Brown's shipyard, Clydebank, by King George V and Queen Mary. Intertitles throughout.

Shotlist: LONDON. PROPELLER FOR THE NEW GIANT CUNARDER. The first of four propellers, each weighing over 35 tons, was lifted by a floating crane for shipment to the Clyde. (0.11) Giant propeller being lifted, men helping to guide it (1.09) propeller being loaded into ships cargo hold, men guiding (1.24) THE MIGHTY CUNARDER LAUNCHED. The world's greatest liner "Queen Mary" was launched by Her Majesty at Clydebank on September 26th. (1.33) "Queen Mary" is 73,000 tons, is 1018ft long and will make the crossing to New York in 4 days. (1.41) sign 'John Brown & Company Limited Clydebank. Engineering & Shipbuilding Works', (1.43) men departing yard (1.47) pan up bow of Queen Mary in slipway (1.59) M/v men on stern of vessel, pan down to propellers and keel, one figure silhouetted underneath keel (2.28) workers smiling underneath giant propeller (2.36) pan from ground up of bow, large anchor visible (2.45) c/u anchor (2.51) stern, pan down to keel and along slipway and length of ship (3.19) elevated view from scaffolding alongside. Workers visible on deck, Union flag at bow. Unclear images Glasgow in background (4.00) bridge, side of ship, gvs from below (4.52) man walks past large stacks of launch chains on ground. Pan alongside ship and cranes (5.03) view from crowd of dignitaries walking onto podium (5.35) dignitaries behind glass, (partly obscured: King George V and Queen Mary) microphones visible (5.48) King George V speaking into microphone (6.17) The launch took place in teeming rain (6.22) Elevated view crowd in shipyard waving hats and hankerchieves as man in Naval uniform salutes them from a raised platform (King?) Woman to his left (Queen Mary?) (6.30) view of ship's bridge as it is launched (6.54) pan up from ground level as ship passes down slipway (7.11) silhouettes of people waving from bow. View from slipway as ship descends into Clyde and pulls on chains. Brief pan from slipway to assembled crowd (8.14) elevated view crowds in shipyard (8.29) elevated view Queen Mary in Clyde, with smaller vessels (9.15) elevated view two steamers towing Queen Mary. Queen Mary docks alongside harbour. Crowd in f/ground, many with umbrellas (10.56)