MOTHERWELL 1960 - 1979

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  • Lanarkshire


  • Construction and engineering


  • Amateur


  • 1970s

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Title: MOTHERWELL 1960 - 1979

Reference number: 6038

Date: 1960 / 1972 / 1979

Director: [filmed by Mrs J. Matthews]

Sound: sound

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.40 mins

Description: A detailed record of the extensive re-development of Motherwell 1960 - 1979. Comparing the streets as they once were, the film tracks demolition work in the town and the new buildings and roads replacing the old.

See also ref. 7376 and 7377

Shotlist: title (0.03) view looking down Pollock Street (0.14) Merry Street exts run down building (0.36) exts Garrion Hotel, built on site in previous shot (0.49) looking down a rather empty Merry Street from Mill Road with Leslie Street on the right, gvs side street, a bin cart on its rounds (1.15) Roman Road exts cottage on Roman Road, opposite the Daisy Park Centre in 1960, c/u signpost marking now derelict former railway line to gasworks, gvs same (1.37) Calder Street looking towards Merry Street, gvs rear view tenement buildings and open wasteland, zoom in to show the back of 'King's Building', gvs backcourt washing lines (2.09) empty streets, exts Royalty Bar [later demolished to make way for the one way system] (2:26) traffic coming up Mentieth Road from Muir Street on said new one way road (2:40) gvs construction work, road works (2.48) Park Street car park under construction, Park Street and pan across to show corner (3:27) looking from Merry Street towards Cross, exts shop fronts looking to Motherwell Cross (3.52) exts Motherwell Railway Station during electrification of the Euston - Glasgow line, shot of bridge in Merry Street with work being undertaken to raise it, traffic passing over it (5:04) Watson Street, children crossing road (5:18) looking along West Hamilton Street to Hamilton Road, long view down road and pan over to reveal exts houses (later to be demolished) (5.38) Wellington Street pan along fronts of terraced houses, and approaching the passageway into Aidan Street, view looking down Aidan Street (5.54) shot of Watson Street to Motherwell Cross, the spire of Brandon Church (?) (later demolished), view along main street including shot of red bus (6:05) entrance to a typical 'wally close'; c/u magazines displayed in shop window (6:16) street scene; Glencairn Tower May 1964 construction of Glencairn Tower (7:04) gvs Camp Street, gvs Parkhead with construction work visible - workmen 'spidermen' are seen crawling along the huge, high metal beams; view of Glencairn Tower, now complete (8.28) Windmillhill Street (where civic centre is due to be built) gvs open space; Royal Bank on corner; gvs street; shot of completed civic centre in background, some of the buildings have been demolished (9.20) the old Post Office building on Hamilton Road (9.41) view up Brandon Street with Crosshill Church in distance; Brandon Street, showing shop fronts, corner of Barry Street and Brandon Street, gvs construction and digging work (10:13) reconstruction work at end of Menteith Road approaching West Hamilton Street; an old stair exts (11:00) rear view houses on Brandon Street being demolished to make way for new shopping centre (11.54) Melville Drive, underpass under construction; partly completed underpass; construction work in progress on new bridge over railway, men with their tops off use mechanical drilling machinery (12.48) Mason Street looking along West Hamilton Street towards Hamilton Road, gvs street traffic being diverted; east side shopping centre now complete and west side now commencing (West Hamilton Street), gvs derelict backcourts with people throwing out rubble / old furniture from window; construction of car park on Brandon Parade East (formerly Merry Street) with road roller machines and heavy tarmac work; gvs completed car park (15.03) shot looking over railway bridge of approach of Royal Train to Mothwerwell (Prince of Edinburgh at the controls at this point) (15.17) gvs Merry Street, underpass under construction; completed underpass (15.57) Airbles Road [clock ticking in background faintly on soundtrack] gvs going up Airbles Road to Leven Street (16.25) exts petrol station and pumps, view looking down to Camp Street (16.40) exts original Our Lady's High School, Glencairn School and Glencairn Tower ; Gavin Street, view same, Manse Road view same; Delburn Street, and approach to Civic Centre, gvs streets. Exts Island Bar, isolated among sites of demolition (17.41) exts old Motherwell Theatre, sign for Rex Cinema, exts church; Crosstone Place, gvs Crosshill Street (later demolished and cultivated as a green area) (18.13) exts Majestic Ballroom (formerly the Pavilion Theatre), exts Odeon Cinema; and as it is now, a Bingo Hall (19.10) Brandon Street looking towards Brandon Court, Melville Road with the Railway Goods Station, exts same; Melville Crescent exts houses and washing lines in backyard, then view Brandon Street/ corner with Barrie Street. Exts 'Petropique' shop, various exts shops and road (20:22) the old goods station, now being demolished and bridge across the railway being erected, train passing through; gvs end of one way system coming from Menteith Road towards Hamilton, scenes of demolition (21:30) Watsonville Park, scenes of clearance and demolition at rear of houses in Brandon Street and as it is now post demolition. Men finishing road, working on kerbstones, tidy traffic cones away, load truck and drive off; gvs traffic flowing on new system after completion, rear views Fine Fare and Dalco buildings (23:20) shopping centre, completed; Shopping in 1960 various shop windows; After decimalisation various goods in shop window; And now......! the prices in 1979 are shown in shop windows of butcher, shoe shop, grocer etc (24:45) The End (24.48)