Gas drills in Eastwood Park, 1939. Phosgene and tear gas are used. (clip)

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  • Renfrewshire


  • Science and technology
  • War


  • Instructional


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 5999

Date: 1937

Director: [attrib. Dr Swanston]

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 14.19 mins

Description: Gas, fire, and bomb drills around 1939. This film features people wearing gas masks in Eastwood Park learning about small bombs, the different types of gas in use (including mustard gas), how to wear a civilian respirator and decontamination procedures. They also witness demonstrations on how to deal with fire, first aid and rescues.

See also ref. 0157 for further anti-gas precaution footage.

See paper archive 3/8.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from Beta SP, control track]

[Felix the Cat cartoon, being 'FELIX THE MESMERIST' By Pat Sullivan - In Four Parts] (00:04:46) c/u pan across books on shelf, finishing with 'Anti Gas 1937' (00:04:59:) c/u sign for 'Eastwood Park', followed by people gathered in garden of large house covered in ivy (00:05:09) A Small Incendiary Bomb gvs demonstration as the small bomb is detonated from a safe distance and extinguished using water hose (00:05:26) Through An Inch Board brief shot same Wood Under Sand is Not Touched brief shot same; instruction leaflets are distributed to people lined up (00:05:35:03) Smother With Dry Sand burning embers are shovelled into metal scoop (00:05:49) men exit house with gas masks in bags around their necks (00:05:56) Gas Drill people line up in preparation (00:06:03) 'I Doan Wana Do Drill' a reluctant participant walks to camera, shaking his head, gvs people wearing gas masks, there is general amusement as people nod to camera etc (00:06:20) c/u sign 'Road Closed During Chemical Demonstrations' further gvs as gas drill is carried out, gas is released in open parkland, people walk by camera without masks, one man lighting a cigar (00:06:36) Phosgene 10 Times As Lethal - Chlorine man in mask sets off gas, then enters makeshift building where gas is, followed by shot of people exiting building (00:07:00) A 'Cooks Tour [transforms to read 'A Cooked Tour'] Tear Gas is released as people walk by (00:07:16) c/u as containers for gas are displayed (00:07:26) medium to l/s as gas is released in parkland, people wearing gas masks look on (00:07:44) canisters in ground are tested, soil samples taken (?) and charts are referred to, possibly prior to gas being set off (00:08:06) Gas Alarm gvs as people hurriedly put on their gas masks, walk quickly across grounds (00:08:22) c/u makeshift laboratory, where soil samples are tested for contamination (00:08:26) Persistency! c/u samples (00:08:30) sign reading 'Danger Mustard Gas' people look on as, in a fenced off area, men demonstrate how to deal with mustard gas (00:08:33) Remove By Swab and Solvent gvs same, as man swabs a railing (00:08:44) Raw Bleach on Mustard gvs same, as powdered bleach is shaken over container, flames are seen briefly (00:08:51) Paste Used For Walls men wearing gas masks paint wall with the white coloured paste (00:09:03) Swabs Now Destroyed they are set alight (00:09:12) Tarmac Wood Pave Concrete demonstration of how to brush and set this (00:09:36) brief shots men putting on wellington boots, people wearing gas masks pose for camera (00:09:47) disinfecting and washing tarmacs (00:09:56) men wearing white longjohns are helped off with their protective trousers (00:10:00) Real Business; Warden Finds Bomb - Phones For Squad; Decontam. Squad gvs as decontamination procedures are carried out, including hosing down area with liquid, spreading white powder, washing all tools used and boots (00:11:32) The Civilian Respirator demonstration of how to put on gas masks and protective clothing (00:11:51) The End (00:11:52) First Aid Gas Anticipated gvs as squad attend injured man, gas is released and they deal with the situation wearing gas masks and taking appropriate precautions (00:13:01) First Aid Presence of Gas Known gvs as first aid team enter building and find casualty, they all wear gas masks (00:13:22) Modern Fire Fighting gvs demonstrations of various fire fighting techniques, including using decontamination suits; ends with graphic logo 'Serve to Save' (00:14:19)