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Reference number: 5922

Date: 1983

Director: d. Charles Leigh Bennett

Sponsor: BP

Production company: British Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 21.35 mins

Description: The construction and erection of the Magnus oil rig, the largest and most expensive steel structure at that time in the world.

See also BP Video Library at All requests for a copy of this title should be directed to BP Video Library.

Credits: p. John Wiles
ph. Mike Herd
ed. Simon Sanders
m. Marc Wilkinson
anim. Brian Stevens Studio

Shotlist: begins with graphic map locating oil field between Northern Scotland and Northern Norway; animation of oil rig and sea; animation continues under sea showing oil rig while explaining the distribution process of oil and gas; title, 'Magnus' (1.32); location: Cromarty, Firth; long shot of sea and land; aerial shot of cranes and site where the platform will be built (1.56); sequence of industrial construction process of platform; underwater shots of pipe lines (3.40); aerial shots of several modules for the platforms which will be the workplace of 200 'oil men'; safety training for men (4.25); aerial shots of platform on land (Dec. 1981): 'the largest single steel structure in the world' (5.00); close shots of platform being prepared for move (6.30); men at meeting before launch (6.20); shots of platform being pulled at sea; raft is flooded and erection of platform begins (10.20); plan goes wrong (11.40); platform is 'left hanging' overnight; rescue operation begins (12.40); shafts have broken under water; examination of underwater damage (14.20); attempts to tug the platform (15.20); operation completed (16.25); modules for platform taken by boat and arrive at the platform, July 1982; shots of rig against sky as modules are attached; bad weather slows progess (18.00); flaring tower is finished (19.00); 1000 men arrive to complete internal construction of rig; shot of computer control room (19.55); pumps begin operation (20.28); aerial shots of working rig conclude film (21.35)