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Craftsmen at the Wilson & Garden factory in Kilsyth construct wooden frames for roller blackboards. (clip)

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  • Stirlingshire


  • Education
  • Employment, industry and industrial relations


  • Documentary


  • 1980s

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Reference number: 5914

Date: 1980

Production company: [ Edinburgh Films]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 5.49 mins

Description: Overview of the development of the blackboard and its manufacturing process at the Wilson and Garden factory, based in Kilsyth, Glasgow.

Credits: m. B.G.S. Productions Ltd. Strathaven Scotland © ? 1981 Garron Music

Shotlist: [b&w] archive footage from 1900 c of inventions including man on penny farthing bike passing people in old jalopy, people on dodgems, c/u film passing through old projector. Multiple winged aeroplane collapsing at take-off , man on airship stuggling to take off (0.28) [col] ext. Kilsyth Academy (0.33) int. brief view blackboard, title (0.47) dramatised scenes in old classroom, dunce in corner, teacher writing on board painted black. Kitchen roller towel (1.11) b&w still of William Garden (inventor), time lapse photography of construction of blackboard.Teacher in modern classroom (1.39) blackboard manufacture at Wilson and Garden factory, Kilsyth. c/u's drilling, boring, planing etc of African hardwood (2.57) spreading of plastisol for writing surface (3.21) quality control and strength tests of surface material (3.45) wipe clean whiteboard (3.50) cutting writing surface to fit (4.25) two female workers screening type keyboard pattern onto board surface; various specialist blackboards - maps etc (4.39) gvs classroom, man maintaining blackboard (5.06) different boards including notice boards, wall boards, projection boards and little boards (5.43) ecs (5.49)