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Reference number: 5912

Date: 1967*

Director: w. and d. Robin Crichton

Sponsor: St. Cuthbert's Co-operative Association Ltd.

Production company: An Edinburgh Film Production in association with St. Cuthbert's Co-operative Association Ltd.

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 23.47 mins

Description: Informative overview of horse-drawn carriages as a means of transport in Edinburgh from Victorian times to more recent times (milk delivery). Illustrated with dramatised sequences and information on development, manufacture and maintenance. Sponsored by St. Cuthbert's Co-operative Association Ltd.

Credits: ph. Gordon Coull
tech. adviser. Archie Prentice
ed. Mike Pavett
rec. Jim McKee
p. ass. Trish Crichton, Bunty Melville, Louise Panton
m. David Peacock
narr. Leonard McGuire
ass. cam. Brian Roy, Roger Edward
w. & d. Robin Crichton

Shotlist: [Dramatised sequence] Firemen on horse race through streets of Victorian Edinburgh to extinguish fire in building with horse-drawn fire engine and rescue woman [end of dram.](1.02) title (1.14) stable, c/u horse harnesses being fitted (1.59) gvs Trooping the Colour in London, brief view Royal Carriage (2.31) c/u detail coach leather fittings (2.53) leather craftsman cutting open leather strap to show uniformity of texture intercut with Aberdeen Angus Cattle grazing. Strap being repaired (3.37) c/u's painting and washing coach panelwork, sewing fabric, painting seal (4.23) horse-drawn carriage on busy road (4.35) gvs St Cuthberts dairy yard and horse drawn milk floats being prepared (5.14) man delivering milk from horse-drawn float to Edinburgh tenement door (5.56) man boarding Yeoman automotive coach (6.20) chauffeur attending to Rolls Royce engine to illustrate potential problems of motor vehicles (6.49) [dramatised sequence] wealthy Victorian family on small horse drawn carriage. Coachman checking larger coach and horses before they and other passengers depart to trumpet fanfare (8.19) c/u various passengers faces as coach travels through countryside on dirt roads. Brief race with rival coach (9.53) passengers disembark at changing post in village [end of dram.](10.21) c/u repair work to harness, horse collar fitting (11.05) c/u collar manufacture by Willie Taylor, last collar builder in Scotland (12.15) saddler at work (12.24) wheel manufacture (12.48) machine bending metal circumference to fit wheel, welded before being fitted to wooden frame (13.40) rubber being fitted to wheel (13.54) c/u fractured iron spring in furnace, blacksmith hammering it on his anvil for repair. Testing uniformity of temperature with straw smoke (15.17) [dramatised] c/u wheels as horse-drawn carriage pulls away (16.02) ext. countryside mansion, coachmen carry ornate box to coach, wealthy family board. Gvs various models coaches, some particular to profession, including the black painted 'Brome' - the doctor's carriage. Gaily painted model for ladies of fashion. Gvs small and large coaches on Edinburgh's cobbled streets (18.31) men on penny farthings, flower sellers, policeman moving beggar on, women with keshie, camera picks up sign 'Caledonian Railway' (19.14) coaches dropping people off in station who then board wooden carriages of train, or 'iron horse'. Conductor waves off train as it departs station (20.12) view from int. train carriage (20.22) view of front of steam engine 'Thunderbolt'. Tracking shot as it travels through countryside (20.37) funeral carriage turns into Merchiston Crescent, motor car passes by [end of dram.](20.57) pan old coaches (21.29) b&w stills of carriages in Edinburgh, on stage, at weddings, festivals, charity events, advertising, ceremonial occasions (22.03) [dram.] artillery men on horses with horse-drawn cannons, mock battle (23.04) horse-drawn milk floats leave Co-op depot (23.16) ecs (23.47)