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Reference number: 5882

Date: 1945c

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 9.49 mins

Description: Scenic views of mainly Scotland and some of Austria (?) around the end of the Second World War (1945).

See shotlist at 6.08 mins for footage of soldiers, though still unidentified this could be significant footage?

Shotlist: gvs of castle and lake (.28) gvs of countryside and lake (.58) gvs of fast running river and waterfall (1.07) gvs of stately house (1.21) gvs of lake and coastline (1.28) gvs of Tobermory shop front (1.33) gvs of cows (dark footage) (1.48) gvs of houses in countryside (2.01) gvs of open back car with milk churns on back driving slowly through flooded road (2.09) gvs of waterfall (2.39) gvs of foreign coastline with hotel on shore, possibly Austria? taken from moving boat (3.05) gvs of railway line and views of hills and valleys from train Austria? (4.07) gvs of lake and people relaxing on sunning deck, on beach and swimming in water, young boy on his holidays, Strandbad written on house front, Austria? (5.20) gvs of lakes and countryside Scotland? (5.32) gvs of man wearing suit coming out of house with three young girls (5.37) gvs of countryside (5.45) gvs of River Ness and Inverness Castle (5.50) gvs of cemetery with c/u of The Queens Own Cameron Highlanders commemorative stone (5.57) gvs of steam funnel boat on Caledonian Canal (6.06) gvs of MacBraynes bus going down road (6.08) gvs of men wearing uniform with UK Royal Standard flag on it coming out of door and passing behind men in brown Army uniforms (6.34) both sets of these men are seen marching down street with members of the public watching (6.39) gvs of Lairig Ghru Cairngorms with young boy in kilt and highland dress (6.53) gvs of fast flowing river and waterfall (7.57) ms of butterfly on plant (8.06) gvs of stately home (8.21) gvs of highland cows (8.25) gvs of countryside and lake (8.38) gvs of young people coming out of house with letters AHY on gate, possibly youth hostel? (8.49) gvs of lakes and countryside, possibly Loch Lomond? (9.24) gvs of waterfall (9.30) gvs of stately house on hill top by lake (9.49)