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  • 1970s

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Reference number: 5797

Date: 1976c

Director: d. H.G Stark

Producer: Robert L. Long, J. Francis Hitching

Production company: Alan Landsburg Productions Inc

Sound: sound

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 23.24 mins

Description: Overview of the mystery of the Loch Ness Monster. Frequent footage of the loch and inteviews with the various experts on scientific expeditions attempting to explain the mystery. Includes famous photographs and film footage hitherto taken of what could be 'Nessie'. [Part of the 'In Search Of' series where Leonard Nimoy hosts investigations into various mysteries]

Press cutting and flier about the sighting of Nessie held at additional information 11/1/485. For titles in the 'In Search Of' series, see refs. 5797, 6815 - 6818 & 6836. The series ran from 1976 - 1982.

This series was created after two successful TV documentaries: 'In Search of Ancient Astronauts' (1973), based on the book Chariots of the Gods, and 'In Search of Ancient Mysteries' (1975). Robert Vaughn narrated the pilot episode, but declined to host the series. Rod Serling narrated the initial TV specials, but died before the regular series began.
[source of information Internet Movie Database, last accessed 12/9/2005]

Released in th e U.S. in 1976 by Pyramid Films

Credits: series host Leonard Nimoy
exec prod Alan Landsburg
story J.Francis Hitching
narr written by Robert L. Long
ed. Thea Bentler
ass.ed. Jack Dunsmoor, John Schwartz
ph. Pete Warrilow
sd. Chris Moore
series assoc prod. Deborah Blum
p super. Bob Ames
post p super. Kay Hoffman
ass to exec p. Marilyn Lassen
post p srvs. Neiman-Tillar Associates
titles and opticals Westheimer Co.
rerecording Ryder Sound Services
processing Consolidated Film Industries
title design Walt Monska
m. composer Laurin Rinder, Mike Lewis
researchers Herb Rabinowitz, Jeanne Russo
We gratefully acknowledge
Smithsonian Institution Washington D.C.
in charge of p. Howard Lipstone

Shotlist: view Loch Ness and Castle Urquhart through trees, gvs Loch Ness with suspicious looking logs floating and ripples on surface (1.00) title (1.55) [Place Commercial Here] MV Leonard Nimoy to camera (2.31) aerial tracking shot Loch Ness over Castle Urquhart (3.10) view from Loch surface, people taking photos, various scientific expeditions on Loch (4.20) i/v with Father Gregory of Benedictine Monastry on Loch shore discussing St Columba, brief clips photographic and filmic evidence, more i/v Father Gregory (7.26) Sergeant Henderson v/over, gvs Loch (8.18) i/vAlex Campbell, former waterman, gvs salmon in water, Alex at lochside (10.30) illustrations of monster (10.57) Ted Holliday on shore with 16mm camera, i/v at Loch side (12.03) tracking shot loch (12.16) [Place Commercial Here] (12.18) expedition on large raft on lake (13.05) i/v Robert Ryans, scientist (14.27) Adrian Shine at Loch Morar, camped in tent, i/v Shine intercut with footage of diver and then man watching tv with video footage in a tent (15.55) aerial view from helicopter of National Geographic Society expedition on Loch Ness, brief view them preparing equipment (16.22) geological charts of Loch Ness showing deep channels (16.56) i/v Bob Ballard (17.20) survey boat on Loch Ness, Urquhart Castle in b/ground, brief aerial view, i/v Emery Christov, chief photographer (18.57) aerial view loch, c/u tape recorder playing sounds from loch, (20.00) moving and then still image of bubbles on surface (20.11)[Place Commercial Here] (20.14) gvs Loch (20.31) i/v palaeontologist Dr Nicholas Hutton intercut views loch (21.58) MV Leonard Nimoy to camera [Place Commercial Here] (22.20) trailer for In Search Of Series....(22.50) ecs (23.24)