HAMILTONIA No.2: A Hamilton Newsreel

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Title: HAMILTONIA No.2: A Hamilton Newsreel

Reference number: 5525

Date: 1957*

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 15.08 mins

Description: Scenes from Hamilton in the 1950's including demolition of Tolbooth, Remembrance Day and the visit of American Rotarians.

Shotlist: [b&w] title (0.11) CHAPTER 2 (0.20) THE TOLBOOTH (0.28) The old Tolbooth, built in 1642,was demolished in 1951 (0.36) stills of Tolbooth (0.53) The old Tower was left standing, but, owing to ground subsidence was also demolished in January, 1954 (1.03) MV Tolbooth, camera view moves closer in stages and pans up to clock at top before retreating in stages (1.43) view of Tolbooth from football pitch as it is demolished in a cloud of dust (1.51) MV rubble, camera pans site (2.00) closer view locals among rubble, camera picks out bell (2.24) women and children smiling at camera (2.29) black spacer (2.37) REMEMBRANCE DAY The first organised Remembrance Day was held at the Cenotaph on Sunday, 10th November, 1957 soldiers arriving (3.07) Highland band, policemen and shot of crowd standing respectfully in the rain (3.40) more soldiers arriving through gate, also dignitaries. British Legion flag identifiable (5.11) inscription on WW1 & WW2 Cenotaph, camera pans crowd as flag is lowered and solo bugle player plays. Laying of various wreaths (8.40) soldiers marching in formation past Cenotaph, c/u dignitaries, gvs crowd (9.53) [col] AMERICAN ROTARIANS VISIT HAMILTON 6th May 1957 (10.08) Provost Gavin Cockburn and Mr James Kelly, Town Clerk, welcome Rotarians from Hamilton, Ohio, U.S.A. Present also are members of Rotary Club, Hamilton, Scotland, and their wives (10.29) greetings on steps ext town hall? ( 11.21) The Rotarians are accorded a Civic Reception (11.31) reception, people talking (12.09) Provost speech, people looking at maps and books (13.50) women drinking, gvs crowd and signing of book (14.17) ext building, photographer assembles crowd for picture (15.00) THE END (15.08)