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Reference number: 5097

Date: 1939c

Director: [filmed by Henry Cocozza]

Production company: Supramont Pictures

Sound: silent

Original format: 9.5mm

Certificate: U

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 16:46 mins

Description: Various scenes shot by Henry Cocozza - Enrico's father - during World War 2 featuring a Garden Fete by Wishaw High School (W.H.S.?), followed by young service men on leave and finishing with family wedding scenes.

See also ref. 1185, containing a small amount of duplication of the beginning of this film.

Credits: Presenting some snapshots of people you know
Co-starring Ian Whitelaw, Henry Cocozza, William Leitch, Robert Whitelaw and a cast of thousands?

Shotlist: [imitation] British Film Censors logo with a U certificate on the film "Local Colour", credits, (0.32) brief shot of a girl toddler pushing her toy pram with a puppy dog beside her, credits. (1.16) At W.H.S. Garden Fete shots of people arriving (2.02) Miss Burns and Miss H. Sherriff shots of the same, followed by shots of Enrico Cocozza as a young man fooling around with some friends, (2.44) Miss McKenzie and Miss J. Sheriff brief shots of the same (2.55) Vaudeville! brief shot of a Jazz dance band,(3.05) Robert Deans W.H.S. Dux 1939 brief shot of same, (3.13) Miss Reekie and Miss Struthers brief shot of the same; Miss McLean and Miss Mitchell shots of the same; Miss Reddick shots of the same followed by shots of the young people, (4.16) Ian Home on Leave shot of a young Seaman lighting up a cigarette followed by shots of the same man? relaxing in civilian clothes, in a garden; sitting on a bicycle; reading in a deck chair (7.29) Oh! What Big Feet Mr. Turner! shots of a young Army corporal posing for the camera, (8.56) Jimmy Shortland - The Invisible Man! Joseph Gets A Cone! young boy receiving an ice cream cone Wedding Bells! wedding party posing for the camera (11.05) A Horse Laugh! brief shot of a horse Lovers in the Garden! shots of Enrico Cocozza's parents sitting in a garden being joined later by other members of the family, End of Part One - Continued in Part Two. (12.29) duplicate footage taken from "A Horse Laugh" intertitle to end (13.56) duplicate footage taken from "Wedding Bells" intertitle to end, this time with the wrong geometry (16.19) -blank- brief shot Joseph (16.46)