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Trams in service in the streets of Glasgow. Please note this is the first half of film only. (clip)

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  • 1960s

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Reference number: 5047

Date: 1962

Production company: [ Templar Film Studios]

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 11.21 mins

Description: Trams in service in the streets of Glasgow, including interior shots and footage of the last journey of the trams.

Shotlist: gvs trams in service on Glasgow streets (0.36) gvs boat passing along Forth and Clyde canal; swing bridge over canal (at Bearsden?) moves into place, and tram passes over (1.31) c/u tram stop sign (1.54) various shots trams in operation in various Glasgow streets; shot of children playing football in tenement yard, with a tram passing by in the background (2.39) trams in service on Dumbarton Road - buses, other traffic, pedestrians and buildings also in view (3.21) trams and traffic outside the Tron (3.38) trams and traffic at Bridgeton Cross (3.59) trams and traffic on London Road (?) (4.43) Tracking shot from tram passing along a Dalmuir street - many advertising billboards in view (5.05) int. shot tram of passengers and conductor; brief tracking shot from tram window (6.25) footage of the last journey of the trams through Glasgow. We see the procession of trams passing through Bridgeton Cross and Trongate. Huge crowds have gathered to witness the event. Entrance to former railway station at the Trongate (Glasgow Cross station) in view, some shop facades also in view (7.35) blank (7.39) gvs procession of trams (from various eras - the first one is horse-drawn) coming out of Bridgeton depot - huge crowds cheer them on as they pass by. Mounted police are briefly in view (9.10) [the following shots are very dark and underexposed - night has fallen on the city] brief shot tram passing alongside Central Station; shots tram procession passing along Eglinton Street, then other unidentified streets, the Plaza briefly in view (11.21)