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  • Berwickshire
  • Edinburgh


  • Transport


  • Promotional


  • 1950s

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Reference number: 4691

Date: 1954

Director: d. Tony Thompson

Production company: British Transport Films

Sound: sound

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 19.27 mins

Description: The journey from London's Kings Cross to Edinburgh's Waverley Station on the steam train the "Elizabethan Express."

The British Transport Film Collection is preserved by the British Film Institute.

Credits: ph. James Ritchie, Ronald Craigen, Robert Paynter
unit m. Jim Garrett
asst. technicians W D Williams, Cyril Moorehead, Ken Cooper, Paul Khan, Alice Ross, Pat Holmes
ed. Wm J Maclean
w. Paul le Saux
spoken by Howard Marion Crawford and Alan Wheatley
p. Edgar Anstey
m. Clifton Parker
cond. Alvir Mathieston
rec. at Anvil Films, Beaconsfield

Shotlist: credits (0.09) [credits overlay] gvs ints. Victoria Station, London (0.21) gvs British Rail staff planning new non-stop service from London - Edinburgh (0.50) gvs BR manual staff arriving for work at Kings Cross (1.29) gvs ints. Kings Cross Station on a June morning (1.57) gvs catering staff putting food in train fridge (2.10) gvs "Silver Fox" steam engine is coupled with the "Elizabethan's" carriages and passengers board the train (2.50) gvs the train departs (3.43) gvs BR fitters carrying out train maintenance (4.20) gvs passengers in the bar/buffet of the train (5.33) gvs workmen making train's upholstery and other fittings (6.22) gvs passengers having lunch on the train (7.43) gvs rail maintenance gang at work (8.38) gvs BR signalling/route system (9.00) gvs train crew at work (11.18) gvs train passes Durham Cathedral (11.37) gvs train crossing the Tyne at Newcastle, with a tug on the river (14.24) gvs driver and footplateman at work (15.37) gvs train passes Berwickshire coastline (15.55) gvs train enters Edinburgh, with children waving from tenement windows and playing in the street (16.59) gvs inside Waverley Station (17.30) gvs station master greets train at Waverley with his top hat on (18.33) gvs Edinburgh with buses crossing Waverley Bridge (18.58) ecs (19.27)