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Reference number: 4604

Date: c.1960's

Sound: silent

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 182.00 minsc

Description: An ambitious amateur family record of a journey from Scotland to Jerusalem driving through eleven countries.

See also refs. 4602, 4603.

Shotlist: [all parts shotlisted from manual control track, Beta SP]

[PART 1]
(00:00) title 3019 miles from Calais ... through 11 countries family, including grandparents, help to pack up car (00:00:37:24) car moves out of driveway (00:01:01:04) Perth railway station, shot of sleeper steam train at standstill (00:01:30:00) crossing the Forth Rail Bridge, view of Forth Road Bridge and River Forth (00:02:04:19) gvs car ferry terminal, Dover where cars queue. Cars board the ferry 'Compiegne', gvs coast as ferry departs (00:02:52:17) ints passenger seating area on ferry (00:02:56:03) FRANCE port of Calais, ferry docks (00:03:19:18) tracking shots from car driving through countryside - including fields of corn, windmills. Shot of trucks on road in front (00:03:35:08) BELGIUM approach to border checkpoint (00:03:46:23) street scenes by night, unid. city (00:04:01:24) GERMANY view taken from moving car of rather empty 'Autobahn' motorway (00:04:59:23) shot of campsite where family enjoy a meal beside tent (00:05:30:17) shot of hay field where family enjoy a walk (00:05:41:19) shot taken from car as it drives through cobbled street - there are market stalls lining the road, where pedestrians browse (00:06:05:01) shot of wide river (unid.) as the car passes along road (00:06:54:13) AUSTRIA the car draws up to customs point (00:07:01:19) empty town square, pastel coloured buildings around it (00:07:19:13) shot of river, as a barge (?) moves slowly along (00:07:40:09) VIENNA the family enjoy swimming in an outdoor pool (00:08:07:05) gvs busy street scenes, Vienna. A horse and cart ride for tourists passes by. Beautifully ornate red and white striped building exts in background (00:08:47:19) elevated shot of street, lifting up to show a view over rooftops, a church roof in c/u with its intricate coloured patterned tiling (00:09:16:19) exts 'Spanische Reitschule' [Spanish Language School] (00:09:34:06) filling up the car at a petrol pump (00:09:43:18) MAGYAR NEPKOZTARSASA OF HUNGARY agricultural scenes, including pigs asleep and wandering about under trees, huge hay ricks being made by hand (00:10:15:17) road sign, including one for Budapest, followed by roadside shots as car passes - geese crossing road, two huge cows pulling a cart (00:10:48:18) view of river as car passes by (00:11:01:00) family paddle in lake (00:11:19:01) tracking shot as car approaches Budapest (?) imposing palace is seen across river, shot of houses and rooftops of city (00:11:54:03) street by night [very dark] (00:12:11:21) driving out of tunnel (00:12:22:22) art and posters at sheltered 'alcove' at side of street commemorating 1919 - 1945 (00:12:33:21) ladies walk up hill, where a monument stands (war memorial?) (00:12:54:11) the family drink from a water fountain in street (00:13:10:14) gvs rural landscape, farm buildings are seen, birds nest (00:14:09:04) ROMANIA horsedrawn cart laden with massive bales of hay passes by on rural road (00:14:27:16) the family cook by roadside, the mother puts out the cooking fire (00:14:38:19) shot of tent in field, shot draws out to show country landscape (00:14:52:16) heavy goods train passes by - the family wave as it passes (00:15:07:22) workers scythe hay by hand in field (00:15:24:15) farmers market (?) people in traditional dress (00:15:47:21) shot of tent pitched at side of track, where a herd of cattle pass. Dog wanders about tent area. gvs scenery, including a very green gorge and river (00:16:36:01) filling water container (00:16:52:02) shot of traditional handcraft - two women spin 'hay' around a large bobbin at roadside (?) (00:17:01:17) BUCURESTI [BUCHAREST] gvs city centre, it looks rather empty. Exts government (?) buildings - a lot of concrete (00:18:21:23) [road sign points to Giurgiu] gvs rural streets, men gather at side of road to chat , along with their horse and cart. Crossing river (00:19:19:14) BULGARIA driving through mountainous landscape to a church (or monument?) at top of hill (00:19:57:08) shot of ravine and road far below (00:20:14:05) view of town, shot of rose garden (00:20:54:14) SOFIA exts church (00:21:12:04) public park and memorial (00:21:50:00) gvs town centre, ext museum/theatre (?) gvs traffic. A uniformed man guides traffic through the roundabout system. gvs town buildings (00:22:35:23) driving along road - workmen are actually building the road and laying the surface as the car drives past (00:22:58:14) exts rural house and garden (00:23:04:07) TURKIYE [TURKEY] c/u Turkish flag, driving into the campsite at Edirne / Kervansaray exts building (00:23:39:06) horses pull along two children, hay ricks in background (00:24:01:24) bustling street scenes, a young boy poses for camera beside car (00:24:16:00) tracking shot of countryside as car passes by (00:24:24:01) as man changes a tyre, local children gather around, unsure of the camera (00:24:41:05) tracking shot of countryside, electricity pylons and the sea beyond (00:25:14:21) truck passes 'Great Britain - Afghanistan Express' (00:25:24:11) ISTANBUL ruins at side of road (00:25:37:09) busy street scenes, exts mosque (00:26:20:21) ints, looking up at stained glass windows and dome (00:26:44:00) view over bay, gvs formal gardens (00:27:16:04) ship sailing in bay looking for elevated point on house (00:27:33:12) birds in tree, the boy cooks omelette in frying pan and family enjoy a meal (00:28:36:13) bustling street scenes, busy harbour scenes, a (fish?) market is seen by harbour wall, gvs leaving by ferry including a liner, various boats, shipyard cranes and approach to walled castle ramparts (00:31:27:23) approach to land, there are houses right up to water and boats at anchor (00:31:56:15) driving along busy street, someone reads a map (00:32:09:08) aboard a ferry and approach to land (unid) (00:33:10:13)

[PART 2]
(00:00) family enjoy breakfast on balcony overlooking lake (00:00:15:02) gvs lake (00:00:34:16) long queue of traffic and people on road (00:01:04:17) gvs open rural landscapes, as seen from moving car (00:02:33:11) a steam train moves along hillside, through tunnel and out the other side, shot of river (00:03:21:05) huge water wheel set up at side of river (00:03:36:03) the family draw fresh water from a well, using a huge manual pump (00:04:15:04) tracking shot train taken from moving car (00:04:36:01) gvs landscape, they appear to pass a group of tents (nomads?) (00:05:25:15) BP petrol station at side of road, shot of sea (00:05:46:12) campsite on beach (00:06:01:24) children enjoy a swim in the sea (00:06:32:19) tracking shots of landscapes (00:06:45:18) small town square (00:07:02:15) enjoying a walk in the hills (00:07:24:12) children swim in sea - there is a ruined castle (?) near shore out in sea (00:08:09:14) group of people relax on rocks and get their photos taken (00:08:50:22) the family take a boat ride out to ruins, views of same (connection with Crusaders?) (00:09:38:18) view from moving car of another raised hill, shot of family enjoying meal (00:10:05:18) driving through small village, shot of family stepping out of building (religious building?) (00:10:35:20) enjoying an drink by side of road, tent is pitched there (00:11:07:16) sign by roadside in Arabic, the father walks alongside and scratches his head (00:11:14:04) SYRIA driving through crowded streets (00:11:32:23) driving behind a car with people standing on sides (00:11:41:05) exts building [unid, possibly Consulate / Diplomatic service?] (00:11:46:19) LEBANON windmills and reclaimed land (?) at seaside (00:12:35:12) waves crashing on shore (00:12:46:13) driving through crowded city streets (00:13:00:09) family sit and drink at side of road (00:13:13:02) panoramic view over landscape (00:13:45:03) shot of bus, shot of people, c/u sign 'Welcome to the Syrian Arab Republic' (00:14:12:13) gvs dry, arid landscapes. Shots of basic stone houses, camels, clay houses (?) settlements (00:15:42:20) sandstorm whipping up in open field (00:15:20:22)

[PART 3]
(00:00) A JOURNEY TO JERUSALEM PART 3 THE KINGDOM OF JORDAN c/u sign 'Royal Automobile Club Jordan, Welcome to Jordan' (00:00:15:07) THE HASHEMITE KINGDOM OF JORDAN c/u sign for 'Amman' c/u sign 'Welcome to the Holy Land' tracking shots of landscapes (00:00:36:20) JERASH gvs ruins of same (00:02:54:15) gvs landscape as seen from car, including desert, camels, Holy (?) buildings / remote unidentified settlement (00:03:42:09) gvs landscape and hills (00:03:52:18) c/u sign by roadside ' Sea Level' (00:03:59:13) c/u sign 'Jericho - The World's Oldest City' and gvs same the family go paddling in river (00:04:53:24) filling up car at petrol station (00:05:06:16) further passing shots houses and landscape (00:05:22:06) ANCIENT JERICHO gvs same, as they are guided around ruins - a deep and dangerous pit (00:05:41:09) view over buildings (00:06:06:00) c/u sign for 'Dead Sea Scroll Caves' gvs same, ruins and vistas of the sea (00:08:08:02) mother and daughters sit and watch sunset over desert landscape (00:08:24:13) donkeys on side on side of steep, pebbly hillside. Panoramic landscape (00:09:01:17) Lido, at the Dead Sea gvs swimming in Dead Sea (00:09:39:12) shot of road and sign for 'Sea Level' (00:09:46:13) BETHLEHEM gvs same (00:10:51:18) c/u bell tower, church (00:11:02:02) gvs Bethlehem town (00:11:31:19) at last ... JERUSALEM slow panoramic pan of same (00:13:33:16) shot of road (00:13:43:20) motorcade, VIP in white car, followed by armed guards / police in various trucks, motorbiked police (00:14:41:00) crowds disperse (00:14:55:23) bustling street scenes, including market stalls (00:15:39:12) gvs garden [unid] (00:16:20:11) exts church, mother and son examine etched stone writing on wall (00:16:52:24) [very dark] street lights by night (00:17:15:02) UN truck passes barrier in road as wee boy looks on, exts house (00:17:41:01) exts castle / city walls and beyond the walls huge golden domed church / mosque? people get water from pump and carry vessels on their heads (00:18:25:15) tiled building exts (00:18:59:00) view overlooking city (00:19:17:03) THE END (00:19:19:19)