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Reference number: 4584

Date: 1965 - 1970

Director: filmed by Mr Tom Urie

Sound: sound

Original format: std. 8mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 24.38 mins

Description: A detailed overview of different steamships operating on the Clyde and along the West Coast. Views along the Clyde coast and on deck are shown, the workings of the engine rooms are recorded, the film finishing with some footage of the ill-fated Clyde hovercrafts in operation.

Shotlist: [shotlisted from timecode, Beta SP]

(00:00:00:00) -blank- (00:00:15:11) [col] title (00:00:23:07) on board ship, man lets out rope, followed by view from stern of ship (00:00:48:22) gvs replica of the 'Comet' on display in Helensburgh (00:01:47:22) still photographs taken in the mid-1950s of the steamer 'Jeanie Deans', followed by contemporary shot of her, now renamed 'Queen of the South' (00:02:26:23) gvs steamer 'Caledonia' (built 1934) paddling along Clyde (00:03:08:08) [b&w] ints engine pistons (00:03:57:15) [col] shot of 'Caledonia' in London where she became a tourist attraction as restaurant and pub (00:04:36:20) gvs 'Waverley', the last ocean going paddle steamer in the world (built 1947) (00:04:50:20) [b&w] ints engine pistons; ints empty dining room on board, prior to High Tea (00:05:48:05) [col] gvs 'Waverley' sailing on Clyde (00:06:19:15) gvs 'Maid of the Loch' sailing on Loch Lomond, includes shots of passengers boarding, gvs on deck (00:07:26:19) and ints deck (00:07:32:19) c/u paddle wheel (00:07:43:09) gvs 'Sir Walter Scott' on Loch Katrine, including shot of pier and passengers boarding (00:08:10:01) ints engine room, c/u vertical triple expansion steam engine (00:08:32:09) 'Sir Walter Scott' turning at Trossachs Pier (00:08:58:11) gvs, including deck shots, of MacBraynes 'King George V' turbine steamer during day sail from Oban to Staff and Iona (00:09:21:21) dropping anchor in Sound of Iona (00:09:40:07) shot of 'King George V' (00:10:15:03) gvs passengers boarding and enjoying life on deck (00:10:43:08) shot of 'Duchess of Hamilton' steamer arriving at Rothesay (00:11:21:00) gvs life on deck, including shot of people buying tickets (?) (00:12:15:04) ints engine room (00:12:29:12) ints people eating in dining room (00:12:38:00) view of 'Duchess of Hamilton' as seen from pier (00:13:07:04) gvs outer deck and ints dining cabin (complete with portrait of Queen Mary on wall) on board turbine steamer 'Queen Mary II' (00:13:51:05) shot of MacBrayne's 'Loch Fyne' (built 1931); shot of Captain at steering wheel (00:14:24:11) ints engine room (00:15:27:19) [very overexposed, briefly] gvs 'Loch Fyne' sailing and at pier (00:16:01:13) gvs diesel electric paddle vessel 'Talisman' (00:16:14:23) [b&w] ints engine room (00:17:02:12) [col] gvs diesel ship (unidentified, but one of three 'Maids of Argyll':, namely 'Ashton', 'Cumbrae' or 'Skelmorlie' (00:17:45:10) 'Maid of Cumbrae' sailing (00:17:52:21) shot of 'Countess of Bridalbane' (?) sailing on Clyde (00:18:13:07) the 'Keppel' approaches pier on Clyde (00:19:01:02) shot of car ferry 'Arran' (00:19:46:11) car ferry 'Glen Sannox' is loaded with passengers and motor vehicles (00:20:18:01) it then departs (00:20:30:18) view of unidentified ship (one of either the 'Western Isles' 'Clansman', 'Columba', 'Hebrides' (?) (00:20:44:00) shot of ferry 'The Lyon' (00:21:16:04) MacBrayne ferry 'Iona' sailing along (00:21:41:12) Caledonia Steam Packet Co.'s 'Caledonia' sailing the Arran route (00:22:09:00) gvs small landing craft (00:22:22:11) shot of hovercraft approaching and landing on beach (00:23:06:14) another hovercraft in 1970 'Hovermarine HM2 - 011' at pier and speeding off on water (00:24:32:03) THE END (00:24:38:15)