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Reference number: 4568

Date: 1942/1948

Director: [filmed by J.B. MacDonald]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bwcol

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 24.08 mins

Description: Various mountain climbs in the Cairngorms by different groups of mostly young men, however women are involved on one climb. Some of the men are wearing their Service uniforms. [Commended film at the Scottish Amateur Film Festival, 1948].

Preserved with the assistance of the Scottish Mountaineering Trust. Note:- The Archive holds Part 1 only.

Commended at 1948 Scottish Amateur Film Festival. Part 1 only. Film was commended by the 1948 Scottish Amateur Film Festival, however some of the footage was shot in the early 1940's.

Credits: Commended at 1948 Scottish Amateur Film Festival

Shotlist: [Col]Group of young men standing beside a red bus with ruck sacks. (.27) Young men standing beside two signs on a snowy hill. One sign points towards Braemar, the other to the South. (.40) Young men outside a stone building. C/u of a memorial plaque. (.48) This film was commended by Mr Michael Powell in the 1948 Scottish Amateur Film Festival. (.54) YOUTH ON THE HILLS. (.59) Gv's of a group of young men and boys walking through barren rocky hills. Some of them are dressed in kilts. (1.41) Walking party at a summit taking in the view and eating. (2.03) [B/W] YOUNG PTARMICAN IN JUNE. (2.10) Gv's of grouse chicks in the heather. (2.27) [B/W] THE FALLS OF THE GLAS-ALLT. (2.34) [Col] Gv's of the boys swimming in a pool beneath a waterfall. (3.07) Boys walking back down the hill away from the camera. (3.18) [B/W] FROM MACDHUI TO CAIRNGORM. (3.24) Gv of a herd of deer. (3.34) GV of heather covered hills. (3.40) Boy crossing a stream. (4.03) Gv's of the walking party climbing through the snow to reach the summit. C/u of a frog (?) jumping through the snow. Boy at the summit catching snowballs. (5.23) BRAERIACH & CAIRNTOUL FROM MACDHUI (5.29). Gv of the snowy peaks. Two men throw snowballs over each others heads. Gv's of the landscape as the group walks down the hill. (7.50) Group stopping to eat. (8.01) FROM THE SUMMIT OF CAIRNGORM, DOWN BY THE SADDLE TO THE FOOT OF LOCH AVON.(8.10) Gv's of the loch and landscape. (8.34) "THE CLEAR WATERS OF THE RIVER A'AN HAE DECEIVED MONY A MAN-" WHERE THE RIVER LEAVES THE LOCH. (8.46) Man crossing the river. (8.57)[B/W] SNOW CLIMBS ON LOCHNAGAR. (9.03) [Col] C/u of the walking party lacing up their boots on the hillside. (9.33) Group walking through the snow. Two men in front of the main party are testing the ground with ice picks. (9.54) Group stopping to look at the mountainside. (10.09) Gv of the men wading though the snow. (10.44) Gv of the men linked together with ropes, climbing through cracks in the ice to reach the summit. (11.42) [B/W] -THEN COMES THE THRILL OF GLISSADING DOWNHILL. (11.48) [Col] Gv's of the men sliding down the snow, using their ice picks to control their speed. (12.12) [B/W] JUNE ON DERRY CAIRNGORM & BEN MACDHUI. (12.19) Gv's of a walking party of men and women beside a car. Some are dressed in kilts. (12.35) C/u of the party enjoying the view on the mountainside. One man is painting the scenery, another man opens and shares out a can of McEwans Sparkling Beer. (13.51) Gv's of two men and a boy in the snow. The boy is pitching snow balls at a man trying to hit them with his walking stick. Another man is held down while he is covered in snow. (14.11) Gv's of the two men and boy walking over rocks. (14.24) Gv's of the men and women at the summit. (15.32) [B/W] A GLORIOUS JUNE DAY ON BEINN-A-BHUIRD. (15.37) Gv's of the walking party at various stages of the climb. Man holding a grouse chick. (16.57) Gv's of the men at the summit and of the surrounding landscape. (17.52) Men climbing and descending various rocks. (18.37) [B/W] Rock climbing is easy when the Gremlins lend a hand. (18.43) [Col] Two men scaling a rock face. (18.57) The men resting after their climb. (19.04) The two men walking towards the camera. The men drinking from a stream. (19.28) [B/W] ON THE 'COUCH OF THE YELLOW STAG' - BEN AVON. (19.33) [Col] Gv of the men at the summit, and the valley below. Man climbing around a rock face. (20.25) [B/W] WE CLIMBED THE MITRE RIDGE ON 26th JULY 1942. (20.32) [Col] C/u of the men resting at various stages of their climb. On shot is by a stream. (21.20) Gv's of two men climbing a rock face. (22.20) [B/W] ALL THE YEAR ROUND YOUTH IS OUT ON THE HILLS. (22.26) [Col] Gv's of a group of men on a snow covered mountain. C/u of them studying a map, winding up ropes, drinking from a stream. Some of the men are in their Services uniforms. (24.05) [B/W] END OF PART 1 (24.08)