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  • Aberdeen


  • Celebrations, traditions and customs
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Home life
  • Housing and living conditions
  • Institutional care
  • Media, communication and the creative industries


  • Amateur
  • Documentary


  • 1960s

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Reference number: 4538

Date: 1965

Director: filmed by R G Giuliani

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 26.07 mins

Description: The operation, personal, and educational value of the Children's Theatre, Aberdeen. This was shot at the time of the retirement of Miss Catherine Hollingworth after 25 yrs service to the Children's Speech Therapy and Theatre.

See also ref. 4533

Credits: Fencing Joan Turner; Mime Donald Sey; Creative Drama Dorene Clark; Stage Ken Thomson; Puppetry Catherine Hollingworth. With the participation of Malcolm Rennie and Members of the Children's Theatre and the Longacre Players
make-up Isobel McHaffie
ed. & sd. R Giuliani
lights J Duffus
ass. d. J Wright

Shotlist: An RG Production. (0.07) For the Aberdeen Education Committee. (0.12) Featuring The Staff and Members of the Aberdeen Children's Theatre. (0.18) At The Sign Of The Pied Piper. (0.23) Scripted, Filmed and Directed by Ralph G Giuliani. (0.29) Gv's of Union St (?) Aberdeen - shots of the traffic and pedestrians. (1.02) C/u on the sign for Aberdeen Arts Centre, and the Speech Therapy Dept. (1.08) Gv's of the children coming down some stairs and hanging up their coats. Gv's of the children sitting in the theatre, c/u of some faces. Gv's of the children sitting talking to each other. (2.33) Children exiting the theatre. (2.40) C/u of two balls, one small, one large, and a line of umbrellas. (2.44) Gv's of the children acting out scenes using the balls and umbrellas - one group using them to play golf, while another group acts out a scene concerning an unexploded bomb. C/u of the different expressions on the children's faces as they act out their ideas. (4.23) Gv's of a puppet show, children watching and taking part. [ brief commentary on the usefulness of puppet shows in education developing vocal abilities, and overcoming speech problems] (7.15) Gv's of the children rehearsing in various costumes. The boys bow to the girls and walk off stage. [ Commentary describes how costume can help build confidence and technique similar to puppetry.] Gv's of the children out of costume practising various acting exercises. (10.05) Children various stages of fencing lessons, from the basic movements, to fighting with protective clothing, to full stage costume fights. (12.58) Gv's of the sound equipment used at the theatre, and the children reading to microphones and making sound effects. (13.53) Soft drinks and tea are poured out for the break. Gv's of children and teachers talking to each other. (14.56) C/u of the children applying grease paint in the make up room. [ Commentary of different children speaking about using make up ] (16.23) Rehearsals for a production TOBIAS AND THE ANGEL. Gv's of the various scenes, including a boy being "attacked" by a bandit, a girl dancing, prince and archers "receive" Tobias on stage; an angel dismisses incubus Asmodeus [looks similar to a dragon], intercut with director James Bridie looking on, stage manager and sound effects team. (21.10) Gv's of the work in the art room. (22.13) Lorry leaving the building and driving through Aberdeen. Children unloading the lorry at the other end. (23.08) Gv's of the girls working with the costumes and costume accessories. (24.12) Gv's of the follow up group to the Children's theatre, where the members participate in adult theatre events. [ Final piece of commentary is by Miss Catherine Hollingsworth on her view of the value of children's theatre]. (25.43) Fencing Joan Turner. Mime Donald Sey. Creative Drama Dorene Clark. Stage Ken Thomson. Make Up Isabel McHaffie. Puppetry Catherine Hollingworth. Children's Theatre supervision by Catherine Hollingworth. (25.51) With the participation of Malcolm Rennie and Members of the Children's Theatre and the Longacre Players. (25.57) Editing and Sound R Giuliani. Lights J Duffus. Assistant Director J Wright. (26.03) At the Sign Of the Pied Piper. The End. (26.07)