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  • Aberdeen


  • Arts and crafts
  • Education
  • Media, communication and the creative industries


  • Amateur


  • Scottish Educational Film Association (SEFA)


  • 1950s

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Title: PIED PIPER, the

Reference number: 4533

Date: 1956c

Director: filmed by Mr R G Giuliani Dec'd

Production company: [ Aberdeen Production Group of the SEFA and Bankhead School Present]

Sound: sound

Original format: 16mm

Colour: col

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 19.02 mins

Description: The making of, and film of the Bankhead School production of THE PIED PIPER, Aberdeen.

Specially commended by Amateur Cine World. See also ref. 4538.

[Please note the viewing copy may display some visible defects such as flicker.]

Credits: camera Ralph G Giuliani
lighting J MacLeod Scott.
sd. advisor J W R Tunner
production advisor Hubert Mitchell

Shotlist: [B/W] This Film Has Been Specially Commended By Amateur Cine World. (.08) Aberdeen Production Group of the SEFA and Bankhead School Present. (.30) An Educational Adventure. (.34) Trees, pan down from the flag pole at the top of the school to the main entrance. (.58) Group of girls walking around the front of the school, and walking in the main entrance. (1.30) Children seated in a classroom. Some a lined up at the teachers desk to give her some money. The teacher makes an entry in a book, then turns to the blackboard. (1.46) Written on the blackboard is The Pied Piper Film Fund. The week's total =£15.10.6. C/u on two girls in the class rubbing their hands together. (1.56) Gv's of the school children making and painting various pieces of set and props for the film, such as rats, houses, and larger sets. (3.27) Children gathered around a piano playing various instruments such as violins, recorders, and harmonicas. (3.39) Gv's of some costumes. (3.49) Camera showing the filming of The Pied Piper. Man in front filming the actors, others are holding up and angling lights. (4.33) [Col] The Pied Piper Hamelin. (4.43) Acted by the Pupils of Class 2L Bankhead School Aberdeenshire Under the direction of Miss Susan S Morrison. (4.54) Blank space. (4.58) C/u of narrator, and gv's of the various painted sets such as houses and a map. (5.31) C/u of paper rats running in front of the camera. (5.37) Gv's of the trouble the rats caused, women with babies, eaten cheese, and scampering over kitchens. (5.57) C/u of narrator. (6.09) Angry town people shouting at Hamelin council. (6.44) Mayor and council bow their heads. (6.55) Major speaking to the towns people. (7.59) Pied Piper enters through a doorway. Pied Piper speaks to the crowd. This scene is shot from many different angles. (10.11) Crowd laughing. (10.20) C/u of the Pied Piper skipping along playing his pipe. (10.25) C/u of paper rats running. Gv's of the frightened crowd. (11.07) Mayor and councillors standing up on a table. (11.19) Painting of the rats running into the river. (11.28) Three bell ringers. (11.38) C/u of narrator. (11.49) Town people talking. (11.58) Piper arguing with the Mayor and towns people. (13.29) C/u of the Piper playing his pipe. (13.40) Children skipping and dancing as they follow the piper. (14.43) Mayor and council watching. (15.09) C/u on the painted houses. (15.26) Horror on the faces of the town people. (16.09) Lame boy crying as he is left behind. (17.11) Mayor and towns people gathered around a table. Gold and silver coins emptied out of bags. (17.44) View of towns people, then of stain glass window depicting the story. (18.21) C/u of narrator. (18.49) Camera Ralph G Giuliani. Lighting J MacLeod Scott. Sound Advisor J W R Tunner. Production Advisor Hubert Mitchell. (18.59) The End. (19.02)