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  • Aberdeenshire


  • Amateur


  • 1930s

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Reference number: 4501

Date: 1934*

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 17.32 mins

Description: Documentary / fictional account of life at scout camp in Aberdeenshire.

See also ref 4502

Credits: Produced by J Fenton Wyness

Patrol Leader Leslie Wilson
Second Harold Pearson
Scout William Urquhart
Recruit Malcolm Tawse
With the County Commissioner, Camp Warden and Campers

Shotlist: The Aberdeen Boy Scout's Association presents "MARYCULTER CALLING !" (1934) (0.06) Produced by J Fenton Wyness (0.08) Cast . Patrol Leader. Leslie Wilson. Second. . Harold Pearson. Scout . . William Urquhart. Recruit .. Malcolm Tawse. With the County Commissioner, Camp Warden and Campers (0.21) With the approach of summer scouts turn their thoughts to camp once again (0.31) Two scouts are puzzling over a map, a third joins them but sits back and eats a chocolate bar instead of helping. (1.17) Scout packing his ruck sack, includes his copy of the Scout Book. He puts on his ruck sack, and exits. (1.37) Boys riding on their bicycles along a country road. (1.50) Sign - City of Aberdeen. Boy Scouts' Association. Camping Ground. No visitors are allowed in Camp except on the Last Sunday of every Month between the Hours of 3 and 4.30 p.m. - PIC-NIC PARTIES ARE NOT ALLOWED - By Order of the Council. (2.02) Boys cycle down a single track road into a courtyard. (2.28) A boy takes off his ruck sack and gives a huge sign of relief. (2.33) Signing the Log. (2.38) Boy standing outside signing a book through a window. (2.48) Boys setting off on a walk. (3.09) Boys erecting a tent. One boy runs away, and the tent falls down. Another boy chases him, and brings him back by the ear. The tent is finished, and the boys get in. (4.14) And so to bed......Next Morning. (4.19) L/s of the tent. (4.30) C/u of an alarm clock, then to the boys sleeping. (4.49) Boys outside in their pyjamas stretching, carrying one boy out in his blanket and shaking him out of it. The boys do exercises. (5.12) The boys washing and showering in freezing cold water. Brushing their teeth. (6.09) Preparing for inspection. (6.14) Boys folding blankets, and dressing in kilts. (6.43) The County Commissioner (Dr. Robert Bruce) Inspects. (6.50) Boys lined up outside the tent with their kit bags on their blankets spread out in front of them. C/u of the County Commissioner speaking with one of the boys. (7.16) Commissioner inspecting the kitchen equipment. (7.30) And now for a dook! (7.34) Boys running and diving into a large rubber pool. (7.59) Camp Activities (8.05) Boys practising first aid, by putting a boy's arm in a sling. (8.36) Boys practising semaphore with plates. An older boy is signalling to a group of younger boys. (9.10) A pair of boys at opposite sides of a rope, throwing a ring to each other, in a volley ball style. (9.37) Boys chopping a branch away from a tree, and carrying it away. (10.11) Preparing dinner, and cooking it over an open fire. (10.46) The boys eating it. (11.09) Washing up the plates. (11.13) Canteen - Then Rest Hour. (11.18) Boys walking down a hill to the court yard of buildings. (11.29) Four boys standing at an open window with the word Canteen written on a card above it C/u of them gulping down sweets and fizzy drinks, apart from one boy who does not have enough money. (11.50) Two boys standing, then walking away from the canteen as it closes. (11.56) Boys lying outside in the sun reading. C/u on the books shows The Exploits of a Dead Man, read by one boy, and Relativity by Albert Einstein , at first glance is being read, but a c/u shows the boy asleep. (12.22) A walk in the grounds - and a calamity ! ( 12.29) Gv's of the boys walking through the grounds, looking at the weather vain on the church, walking by the river, through the trees, until one boy falls in the river, and is helped by the others to get out. (14.39) Wet boy running up the hill. (14.46) Evening --- Flag Down ( 14.51) L/s of the tent. (15.03) C/u and l/s of the boys tending to the camp fire. (15.19) Boy walking up with a bucket of water from the pond. (15.34) C/u of the Union Jack blowing in the wind. (15.38) Scout master (?) at flag pole. (15.43) Boys standing to attention at the camp fire. (15.49) Scout master (?) lowering the flag. (16.03) Camp Fire (16.07) Gv's of all the scouts gathered around the camp fire singing. There are some c/u, and l/s from different angles. (16.56) Goodnight.. (17.00) Silhouette of the boys going to bed in the tent. (17.28) The End (17.32)