General views of a Gifford farm using more traditional agricultural methods such as the horse and cart, in this clip seen with a small boy sitting atop the earth in the cart. (clip)

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Reference number: 4499

Date: 1953

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 5.42min

Description: General views of a Gifford farm showing family life, and more traditional agricultural methods, using a horse and cart.

Shotlist: Gv of a tractor and trailer by a haystack. (.22) Small boy playing in the back of a trailer. (.32) Man with a dog. (.37) Man with a horse and cart. Small boy is seated in the back of the cart. (1.12) Horse pulling a cart load of hay to the men working in the haystack. (1.41) Horse unloading the hay. (1.53) Blank space. (2.01) Man working on the top of a haystack. (2.09) Two horses grazing in a field. (2.21) Gv of some calves. (2.24) Men loading a cow into the back of a lorry. (2.53) Cats playing in the farmyard. (3.01) Ladies drinking tea. (3.10) Gv's of two women walking with a little boy and girl. (3.52) Cow drinking from a stream. (4.26) Gv's of a bridge with a car and a motorcycle driving over it. (5.07) Horse and cart working in a field. Man has to hold on to the small boy sitting on a pile of earth in the cart as it bumps along a road. (5.38) Tractor pulling a trailer load of hay. (5.42)