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Reference number: 4495

Date: 1936

Director: [filmed by Alex Lowe]

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 12.47min

Description: The first Musselburgh Honest Toun Association celebrations in 1936. Views of the parade, ceremonies, and crowds.

Alex Lowe was keen amateur cameraman and active in the life of his home town Musselburgh. See Addit Info Paper archive 11/1/347.

Shotlist: shot-listed from VHS - manual control track]

[no title] - shots of workmen attaching rope to rear of truck - shot of rope pulling down ruins of building, brief shot of workman climbing on rubble - gvs of brass band and crowds outside Musselburgh Town Hall, halberdiers come down steps followed by Provost David Lowe and other dignitaries - shots of Provost Lowe and others making speeches on platform, plaque is unveiled - gvs of dignitaries and watching crowd - shots of schoolchildren receiving prizes from woman on platform, who receives bouquet - another speech and three cheers - shots of procession moving off, led by halberdiers and going back up steps to Town Hall (3.27) shots of brass band playing in front of racecourse stand - pan across watching crowd, mostly older men and women, and some c/u shots of them - shot of older people seated inside building - posed shots of Honest Lad and Lass, James Arthur and Ina Vass and attendants outside Town Hall - shots of Honest Lad and lass leading procession of dignitaries across and along High Street - shots of North Esk Church bell ringing and Kirking? procession entering doorway of church - shots of wreath being laid and minister leading crowd in prayer (6.37) shots of Honest Lad and Lass in uniform getting into car - shots of them on horseback leading procession followed by other riders, including Arthur Lowe and sister Margaret? - shots of procession passing along High Street, followed by brass band, other horse riders, petrol pumps visible in foreground, passing Wilson's, Reid's Beehive Stores and Henry's Library in background - shots of Provost and other dignitaries in carriages, newspaper advertisements in background (9.36) gvs of Honest Lad and Lass on horseback with other riders resting in countryside, taking refreshments, some drinking from hip flasks, Arthur Lowe on horseback with other family members? - shots of Honest Lad and Lass having a drink and shots of other riders - procession sets off across country (11.31) gvs of crowds on the Roman bridge in Musselburgh watching riders fording the River Esk - shots of pipe band leading procession on to Musselburgh racecourse, followed by Honest Lad and Lass and other horse riders - gvs of crowded racecourse stand and toddler peeping through fence - shots of riders passing stand - shots of trophy presentation - shots of horse race and contestant dismounting (14.22)