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Title: KIRK

Reference number: 4486

Date: 1944*

Director: filmed by Bill Thomson

Sound: silent

Original format: 16mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: non-fiction

Running time: 13.48 mins

Description: Mixture of footage concerning a military parade in West Calder; family footage; the Tercentenary service of the West Kirk of West Calder; a plane crash; CLEARING THE SNOW FROM THE ROADS and the wedding of Hearts footballer Tommy (?).

Shotlist: Man standing speaking to a small crowd of men, women, and children in a street. (.32) Gv of brass band leading a military parade (?). (.49) Gv of the crowd lining the pavement. (.56) View of pedestrians. (1.00) Gv of the men and women marching in a parade of the armed services; army; navy; wren. Small boys are seen running to follow the parade in the foreground. (1.33) Gv of pedestrians. C/u of a man, woman, and two girls walking towards the camera. (1.40) Gv of the snow built up at the side of a road. The snow wall is taller than the car parked beside it.(1.54) Gv of a large group of men standing knee deep in snow clearing a road using shovels. (2.18) Two cars. (2.26) View of a crashed aeroplane. Small boys walking about in the foreground. (2.39) Plaque - 1643 - 1943. Tercentenary West Kirk of Calder Sunday 8 August. (2.55) View of a large bell on a wooden base. C/u of inscription "Neil Gow West Calder Parish Church Bell 1643" (unfocussed). (3.10) Man sounding the bell with a hammer. (3.16) View of the steeple of the ruined church. (3.25) Gv's of the congregation giving the collection. (3.54) Gv's of the service held in the ruined church. (4.35) Gv of the congregation exiting the ruined church. (6.05) Gv of the ruin church int. as prepared for the service. (6.12) gv of the congregation in the churchyard. (6.42) Man in a naval (?) uniform walking about the churchyard. (7.09) Gv of empty churchyard. (7.22) Gv of the donor's family wandering around the ruined church. At one point they are standing listening to the Grandfather(?) speaking. (8.17) Gv's of people going about their daily lives on the streets of West Calder. Men and women walking along the pavements, two men resting by the side of a wall reading a newspaper. (9.18) Gv's of the wedding of Hearts footballer Tommy ?. Views of the bride and groom coming out of the church. The guests. The bride and groom getting in and out of a car, throwing of confetti. (12.20) Gv's of an armed forces parade with pipers. Children are running to follow the parade. (13.23) Gv's of a crowd around a window. [possibly looking at pictures of individuals involved the war]. Views of ordinary people waiting in the street. (13.48)