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  • Arts and crafts
  • Tourism and travel


  • Comedy


  • 1900s

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Reference number: 4430

Date: 1905

Production company: Alpha Trading Co

Sound: silent

Original format: 35mm

Colour: bw

Fiction: fiction

Running time: 4.00 mins

Description: Macnab, a comic caricature Highlander, arrives on a visit to his cousin and causes havoc in the house with a golf club.

From original preserved in National Film and Television Archive.
Note: Digitised from a print provided by the BFI National Archive.

Credits: leading player Arthur Melbourne Cooper

Shotlist: Macnab, a comic caricature Highlander arrives in London to visit his cousin. After a display of 'characteristic' Scottish meanness in failing to tip the station attendants he arrives at his cousin's house where, within moments, he proceeds to destroy the drawing room with a golf club, eventually smashing a hole in the wall into which he disappears, emerging from the kitchen fireplace, minus kilt, to terrify the maid. He is chased by a policeman before being bundled into a cart and despatched back to Scotland. (4.00)